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Key Facts About Sewage Damage Restoration Firms

Natural disasters can often cause damage to property due to water intrusion. When this happens, it is essential that all sewage and water be removed from indoor spaces as soon as possible. Though it is possible to do this on your own, it really does pay to enlist the assistance of a professional sewage damage restoration firm. The article that follows below explains some fundamental facts about the restoration process and the things you should keep in mind when choosing a damage restoration firm to help solve your problem. Whenever you experience water damage, you need to make certain to hire a restoration company that possesses actual experience in the precise type of situation you are facing. When the first call is place to the damage restoration firm, it should be made by someone who has seen the seriousness of the damage first-hand. Restoration professionals classify water damage into the type that has been done by clean water and the type that has occurred due to the intrusion of contaminated sewer water. If a company is not told about the specific damage that has been done, they may not know how to properly address the issue, and they may not provide an accurate assessment of the cost over the phone. Sewage damage or black water damage restoration requires a difference cleaning process vs clean water restoration. Thus, black water or sewer water damage will have a higher cost to properly clean and restore your home. Water damage can also fall into the category of “black water” damage. This involves the intrusion of actual sewage back-up due to problems with the sewer system itself. To repair this kind of damage, special restoration methods will be used and certain types of machinery will be put to work. Because different types of damage require different approaches, it is critical that detailed information be given to the restoration professionals right from the start. Ultimately, water intrusion damage can be a tough circumstance to face, but by securing the aid of the right restoration professionals, you can be assured of getting your home back to normal in relatively short order. To find one of our locations that is closest you, visit our locations page today and find the city and state this is close to you.

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Water Damage Questions: Does Insurance Help?

Many people feel safe and protected when they set up their homeowners insurance policy. However, it is common knowledge that there are some issues that are either not covered by those policies or that are very hard to get compensation for. Water damage falls under that category. Homeowners insurance will cover water damage restoration services, but the kind of coverage they offer varies. If the water damage occurs without warning, you should be okay. However, depending on your policy, that may or may not be the case. Always read over the information that the insurance company sends you, so you know what to expect if a problem occurs in your home. Flooding is often not covered by insurance policies. You may think that a flood fits the criteria of “sudden” damage, but insurance companies beg to differ. If your area is prone to flooding, it is a good idea to research a separate flood policy so that you are covered no matter what. If you read through your policy and you are not sure about all the terminology, put in a call to your insurance agent. He or she can talk through what is covered with you. This often helps you to understand your policy a little better so that there are no surprises in the future. Be sure to ask any questions that you have. In addition to flooding, a leaking pipe is often not covered by a homeowners policy. Insurance companies generally feel that a leaky pipe results from a home not being maintained properly. Therefore, you would be hard-pressed to get compensation if such a situation occurs and causes damage. Instead, you will have to pay for everything yourself, unless your homeowners covers these types of problems. No one wants to have to deal with water damage. Understand your policy in advance, so you will be prepared if something happens to your home. If you are in need of a great water damage restoration company that works with your insurance company, check out Action 1 Restoration’s Locations to find a nearby team to help you.

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Smoke Damage Cleanup After A Fire In Your Home

If your house has smoke damage, you immediately need to address the problem. The sooner you start with the cleaning process, the better your chances will be that you can completely eliminate the damage. There are two options for you: you can either try doing the work yourself or you can hire a team of professionals instead. When it comes to dealing with smoke damage after a fire, our professionals have extensive experience. We also have high quality commercial grade equipment that we are trained to use. However, depending on the type of damage, restoration can be very expensive, which is why we bill and file file your insurance claim for you. In most cases, fire damage is going to be an insurance claim. The first thing you need to do is eliminate the black marks on your walls that smoke damage leaves behind. You can use TSP, which is a powerful cleaning solution. Mix water with the TSP and thoroughly scrub the walls down. Then rinse them off and repeat the process. Any blistering caused by the smoke is also something you need to eliminate. A putty knife can be used to scrape the blisters away. Next, sand down the area. Use Spackle to fill any gaps in with. Sand the area down again, until it comes flush to the wall. To get rid of odors, completely air out your house. Open the windows and get the air circulating by using fans. Do this as often as you can. Also use Obodan or another strong odor remover. That can help to permanently eliminate bad smells. Smoke and fire damage cleanup involves a lot manual of work. You’ll probably spend many days cleaning and scrubbing your house. However, all that hard work is definitely worth it. You will save lots of money, and your house will smell and look brand new once again. So work hard and you will get the results you desire. Many of our customers have been overwhelmed by the amount of damage that needs repaired and the amount of cleanup that is required after a fire. Our team is here to help you day or night with the restoration process. Check out some of the Action 1 Restoration locations to find one of our local contractors in your area.

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