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The Best Asbestos Detection and Removal Services

Action 1 Restoration Environmental Asbestos Services Asbestos is the single most dangerous material that has ever been used in buildings in modern times. Asbestos is a fire retardant and for several decades it was used in ceiling tiles, wall tiles and your home insulation, under the mistaken impression that it was making buildings safer. Asbestos fibers are highly toxic and can cause mesothelioma if they are inhaled. While asbestos is no longer legal for use in buildings, many older buildings still contain tiles or insulation that is made from this material. Living or working in a building that contains asbestos may be dangerous, but it is far more dangerous to attempt to remove the asbestos based materials yourself. Disturbing the material will kick up dust and release loose fibers – inhaling those fibers could cause serious lung damage.   Action 1 Restoration Experience in Asbestos Services At Action 1 Restoration we have the experience, tools and personal protective equipment required to safely remove asbestos from both commercial and residential buildings, and to restore the buildings to a usable state. Our team will wear respirators while working, and seal off the area that is being treated, so that it is in a negative air pressure state. This will prevent the asbestos fibers from escaping into the atmosphere. Once the materials have been collected, any excess fibers will be vacuumed up using a highly specialist, filtered vacuum cleaner.   Asbestos must be disposed of properly If you are planning to renovate your home but you are not sure whether there is any asbestos present, it is a good idea to contact an asbestos detection and removal expert. Older properties that have not been renovated for a long time may contain asbestos, and it is a good idea to double check this before you start drilling or knocking down walls. While asbestos is sitting there un-disturbed it is unlikely to do significant damage, but as soon as it is broken, cut or drilled into the risk increases exponentially. You owe it to the health of yourself, your family, friends or employees to make sure that the environments that they are spending time in are as safe as possible. Even if the asbestos test comes back all clear, at least you will have peace of mind. Check out our Asbestos detection and removal services at Action 1 Restoration’s Biohazard Services page.

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What You Need To Know About Mold And Why Get A Mold Inspection

The degree of air moisture cannot be simply detected unless with the help of certain tools. Although molds are only visible in large and clustered amounts, mold removal should be practiced regularly in homes, schools and offices. Molds are disturbing mainly because of the dark stain they leave and potential health risks that mold has. When there is already a foul odor, it means that the molds are releasing a significant amount of spores into the air. In individual amounts, these spores are invisible to the naked eye, but they cause a host of respiratory damages. In large amounts, spores look like powder. Adults may experience sneezing, coughing, wheezing, sore throat, eye irritation and itching, chest tightness and skin irritation, since the spores can also settle into the skin. Those spores are the reproductive mechanism of molds. If they land on a cool, dark and damp surface, then the spores will grow and spread into molds.   Dangers of Mycotoxin Mold Some molds, however, are deadly. Some species release mycotoxins with their spores. These mycotoxins can cause neurological damage by traveling through the nose to reach the brain. Mycotoxin molds thrive underneath kitchen counters. Households with children and babies, daycare centers and schools should undergo monthly mold inspections because children are more sensitive to the harmful effects of mold spores. Houses that have suffered from flooding are also at risk of harboring mycotoxin molds. Even after the house has been dried out, molds will still continue to grow due to the spread of spores and the present air moisture available. Houses with inadequate ventilation also promote the growth of mycotoxin molds.   Mold Assessments & Inspections Before mold remediation, a mold assessment is performed by a cleaning company to pinpoint the source of molds and what encourages them to grow. The common areas where molds thrive are in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, attics and closets. If your house has mild growth of molds, then an excess of air moisture could be the main cause of it. An effective home DIY remedy is wiping the mold with white vinegar since acetic acid destroys mold. Let a dehumidifier run for 3 weeks and check if there is regrowth of mold in the same area. If there is, then it is time to have your house checked professionally to remove molds. The moisture may be coming from the ceiling because moisture can pass through walls and ceilings, therefore increasing the growth of mold even if there is no visible source of moisture. If molds are not removed, they can permanently stain the surface they thrive on. Molds usually have “roots” that enable them to penetrate the surface they live on. Simply put, molds are not simply sitting on the surface. In some countries, mold remediation and checkup should be done after every winter or rainy season. Melting snow can make the air more humid. Plus, the water can seep into the walls of the basement. A 3 feet by 3 feet area of mold […]

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The Inevitable Occurrence Of Fire Damage In A Home Or Business

Fire Damage Is Not Common, But It Can Happen To Any Home or Business Occurrences of fire in residential properties and commercial buildings are inevitable problems. However, many families and business owners continually suffer property damages due to fire. Fire is relatively easy to prevent; fires can be prevented unlike storms, hurricanes or floods. Nevertheless, the damages brought by fire are almost irreversible. Practically everything that stands in its way will be charred to cinders. In many cases, depending upon the amount of damage, a new building must be built. If fire damages are not too extensive, people can resort to fire damage restoration. After a fire, a building or residence is likely to suffer both fire damages and water damages. That is why most companies providing fire damage cleanup services often include water damage restoration in their package. Only professionals should attempt to restore fire damages. There are standards involved in repairing damages brought by fire. The company or firm should be associated and recognized by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Services. Qualifying individuals will receive an IICRC Certification. Aside from the IICRC certification, technicians need to receive employee trainings and continuing training to update their knowledge. The IICRC is the most encompassing training and certification. It certifies that the technicians has sufficient knowledge and training to take care of odor, mold, sewage, carpet cleaning, water damage, smoke damage and fire damage. Excellent fire damage restoration services are able to provide emergency restoration services to their clients. Some restoration services train homeowners on what to do to maintain their newly restored home.   The Fire Damage Restoration Process Starts With An Inspection. After the damage has been assessed, the restoration team will temporarily board up charred walls and windows for security. If the roof has been severely damaged, then a temporary tarpaulin will be provided as the temporary roof. Then all remaining water in hard to reach areas such as pipes will be removed. The entire area will be dried. Soot and smoke will be removed thoroughly. Only after the clean-up would the area be repaired and then restored. If restoration and repair is not possible, the company will opt for replacement of destroyed or damaged parts. The fire damage restoration team will consist of fire and water damage technicians, odor control technicians, smoke remediation technicians and fabric cleaning technicians to restore upholstery.   Preliminary Home Cleanup After A Fire After the fire and after our initial assessment, we will begin the initial steps of cleanup of your home or business. The black and brown stains and soot can leave a permanent mark if not cleaned immediately. The flame will also cause acid residues to discolor upholstery and appliances. All items that can be washed and scrubbed should be done so immediately. If the fire was put out by water, we also start scrubbing the affected areas on walls, floors and ceilings immediately. We Dry the area thoroughly. The effects of extensive damages brought by not cleaning […]

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The Causes And Cost Of Water Damage

This aging process in infrastructure is often accompanied by deterioration of facilities. Houses and offices inevitably face some degree of water damage. For homeowners, this means that they should have cash reserves to cover the expenses of repair and restoration. For business, this means strictly following a certain protocol when repairing a building or office in order to pass a standard. Your insurance company will cover different water damage claims, depending on the type of insurance policies you have and what caused the damage.   Water Damage Causes Water damage happens from two main reasons generally, a broken pipe or from a storm causing a flood. Flood can be caused by storms, hurricanes and accumulated melted snow. However, broken pipes can also cause flooding. Flooding due to pipes is harder to deal with than flooding due to rain. Damaged pipes can cause unnoticed pool of water to accumulate in areas that are difficult to see and reach. Flooding can happen on the second floor and rot the ceiling of the rooms in the first floor. Water damage is also caused by holes and cracks in the roof that allow water to leak and accumulate in your ceiling. If water damage restoration was done unsuccessfully, then leaks will occur again. Molds and mildew love to thrive in damp places. They usually indicate the presence of undesirable water or humidity. Walls and ceilings that have persistent mold growth require thorough checking and monitoring. They can indicate a clue to accumulated water spots. Basements are particularly more prone to water damage than the rest of the home. Go to this page to learn more about our water damage restoration services.   Cost of Water Damage Repair Water damage restoration cost depends on the volume of water to be removed and area to be treated. If water damage has affected electrical circuits and gas pipes, then calling an electrician or technician is advisable. The bulk of the price will come from the replacement cost provided by the company. If there is not much to be replaced, then the height of the scope of water damage will [affect|contribute to] the price. The type of water also contributes to water damage repair cost. Removal of clean or clear water due to leaky ceilings is cheaper compared to removing grey water. Grey water may contain biotoxic and hazardous waste so a more expensive cleaning machine is used. Black water is the dirtiest type of water to deal with. Water from sewage systems and muddy floods is considered black water. After water has been removed, water restoration companies will dry the room with an industry-grade dehumidifier. The number and different types of equipment that are used in the restoration process can also affects the cost. If moisture is not completely removed from a repaired area, mold and mildew can grow. To be sure about the cost, contact the damage restoration company on how to get a free quotation.   Water Damage Restoration Tips If flooding is caused by […]

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