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The Inevitable Occurrence Of Fire Damage In A Home Or Business

Fire Damage Is Not Common, But It Can Happen To Any Home or Business Occurrences of fire in residential properties and commercial buildings are inevitable problems. However, many families and business owners continually suffer property damages due to fire. Fire is relatively easy to prevent; fires can be prevented unlike storms, hurricanes or floods. Nevertheless, the damages brought by fire are almost irreversible. Practically everything that stands in its way will be charred to cinders. In many cases, depending upon the amount of damage, a new building must be built. If fire damages are not too extensive, people can resort to fire damage restoration. After a fire, a building or residence is likely to suffer both fire damages and water damages. That is why most companies providing fire damage cleanup services often include water damage restoration in their package. Only professionals should attempt to restore fire damages. There are standards involved in repairing damages brought by fire. The company or firm should be associated and recognized by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Services. Qualifying individuals will receive an IICRC Certification. Aside from the IICRC certification, technicians need to receive employee trainings and continuing training to update their knowledge. The IICRC is the most encompassing training and certification. It certifies that the technicians has sufficient knowledge and training to take care of odor, mold, sewage, carpet cleaning, water damage, smoke damage and fire damage. Excellent fire damage restoration services are able to provide emergency restoration services to their clients. Some restoration services train homeowners on what to do to maintain their newly restored home.   The Fire Damage Restoration Process Starts With An Inspection. After the damage has been assessed, the restoration team will temporarily board up charred walls and windows for security. If the roof has been severely damaged, then a temporary tarpaulin will be provided as the temporary roof. Then all remaining water in hard to reach areas such as pipes will be removed. The entire area will be dried. Soot and smoke will be removed thoroughly. Only after the clean-up would the area be repaired and then restored. If restoration and repair is not possible, the company will opt for replacement of destroyed or damaged parts. The fire damage restoration team will consist of fire and water damage technicians, odor control technicians, smoke remediation technicians and fabric cleaning technicians to restore upholstery.   Preliminary Home Cleanup After A Fire After the fire and after our initial assessment, we will begin the initial steps of cleanup of your home or business. The black and brown stains and soot can leave a permanent mark if not cleaned immediately. The flame will also cause acid residues to discolor upholstery and appliances. All items that can be washed and scrubbed should be done so immediately. If the fire was put out by water, we also start scrubbing the affected areas on walls, floors and ceilings immediately. We Dry the area thoroughly. The effects of extensive damages brought by not cleaning […]

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Smoke Damage Cleanup After A Fire In Your Home

If your house has smoke damage, you immediately need to address the problem. The sooner you start with the cleaning process, the better your chances will be that you can completely eliminate the damage. There are two options for you: you can either try doing the work yourself or you can hire a team of professionals instead. When it comes to dealing with smoke damage after a fire, our professionals have extensive experience. We also have high quality commercial grade equipment that we are trained to use. However, depending on the type of damage, restoration can be very expensive, which is why we bill and file file your insurance claim for you. In most cases, fire damage is going to be an insurance claim. The first thing you need to do is eliminate the black marks on your walls that smoke damage leaves behind. You can use TSP, which is a powerful cleaning solution. Mix water with the TSP and thoroughly scrub the walls down. Then rinse them off and repeat the process. Any blistering caused by the smoke is also something you need to eliminate. A putty knife can be used to scrape the blisters away. Next, sand down the area. Use Spackle to fill any gaps in with. Sand the area down again, until it comes flush to the wall. To get rid of odors, completely air out your house. Open the windows and get the air circulating by using fans. Do this as often as you can. Also use Obodan or another strong odor remover. That can help to permanently eliminate bad smells. Smoke and fire damage cleanup involves a lot manual of work. You’ll probably spend many days cleaning and scrubbing your house. However, all that hard work is definitely worth it. You will save lots of money, and your house will smell and look brand new once again. So work hard and you will get the results you desire. Many of our customers have been overwhelmed by the amount of damage that needs repaired and the amount of cleanup that is required after a fire. Our team is here to help you day or night with the restoration process. Check out some of the Action 1 Restoration locations to find one of our local contractors in your area.

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What To Do When You Have Home Damage From A Fire

One of the most devastating things that can happen to any building is a fire. In addition to the irreparable damage to the burnt items, the rest of the location will have damage from smoke and heat. It is important that this damage is fixed as soon as possible. If your home or business has been damaged by fire, you need to get professional help in restoring the building. The first thing you need to do is contact your insurance company. A representative should be able to tell you how much coverage you have in getting the damage repaired. In addition, the company may have experience with certain contractors in your area that are experienced in this specific type of fire restoration. You need to know how the payout from the company will work, if the money will be given to you, or if they will pay the contractor directly. Having this knowledge will help you in the hiring process. Where To Find Professional Fire Damage Restoration Companies Look online to find companies in your area that specialize in fire damage restoration. This type of damage is far different to treat than that from floods or time. Even if a business is experienced in some types of restoration, if they do not know how to deal with fire damage, you need to find a different contractor. You should have a list of potential people to hire before you begin the elimination process. Begin that by going to a consumer review website like Angie’s List. Here, regular consumers post their experiences with businesses all across the country. It will give you a great idea of their customer service and how well they perform the tasks necessary for restoration. Make certain you use a site that does not take any advertising dollars. Otherwise, you may be getting biased information. You should also check that the company has the proper certifications like: the IICRC, the BBB and is licensed, bonded and insured. All of these provide a level of protection and ensure that you are dealing with a professional company. Generally, this information is easily visible on their website and other advertising. Why Hire A Professional Company For Clean Up And Restoration When you have found three to five companies that fulfill all of these requirements, you should call each of them and ask for a written estimate. While the representative is there, pay attention to their demeanor and ask questions. Eliminate any from consideration if the person is rude or appears uninformed about fire damage. After all, this is your home or business and you deserve the best service. Make certain that the estimate clearly states what services will be covered. You want to avoid surprise expenses once the restoration process has begun. The damage from a fire can be quite extensive and problematic to deal with on your own. It is best if you allow a professional company help you with the restoration process. By investigating the potential companies and getting […]

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Fire Damage Restoration Properly Done

The Proper Steps For Fire Damage Restoration Most people are not really aware of how involved the process can be for restoring a residence or a building after a fire. As devastating as this experience can be, there is much that can be accomplished by a qualified and accredited fire damage restoration company. The key to a successful restoration after a fire is to hire the right company to do the job, preferably one that is associated with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. Initially anyone would be in shock from the damage that a fire can do. It is vital that cleanup follow a set of predetermined steps in order to promote safety and property preservation as much as possible. Companies who are associated with the  Institute will have the proper training, health and safety certifications, a wealth of experience in working with every situation imaginable, and the correct insurance and licensing arrangements. Customers also need to get good references from anyone who they hire for this type of job and the contracts will need to be carefully reviewed. The quicker that the cleanup process is begun the better, because delay can cause permanent damage. Fire and smoke damage is hard on everything, because within minutes of the fire, appliances and  many other items will turn to a yellow color, and after just a few hours the acid residue from the fire will stain rooms such as bathrooms. Walls will become discolored permanently and many items will begin to rust due to the acid from the fire. If cleanup can begin early, it can save thousands of restoration dollars that would have to be spent later to replace many items and structures in the home or office. While the cleanup process can be done by individuals, it is not recommended due to the potential hazards, legal liabilities, and difficulties that will be encountered due to lack of experience and knowledge that the lay person simply cannot possess. It is for these reasons that a professional organization with the background and qualifications is the best route to take when considering a cleanup and restoration of the property. The objective of the professional company is to restore the home or business to the pre-fire state that it was originally in. It should only take one fire restoration company to be able to accomplish this. The problem with fires is the total destruction that they can do, and the hazardous aftermath that  is left when the fire is put out. The smokey residue and ashes seem to be everywhere, and the water damage from the fire hoses make it seem that nothing can be restored. However, the professionals have the answers with their advanced equipment and restoration expertise and knowledge, they will be able to get rid of the  odors and destructive elements from the fire, and when they are finished you would never know that there had been a fire. Hopefully you will never have to suffer through the […]

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