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Why You Should Choose Action 1 Restoration For Water Damage

Experience The Action 1 Restoration Advantage For Water Damage Restoration Has your home been damaged by water from a storm or a broken pipe? If so, you need to have the water extracted and the damage cleaned up right away. Even a short delay can cause irreparable damage to your home and your possessions that can be more expensive to deal with. When water gets in hard to detect places, it can cause an enormous amount of damage in a very short time. Have you ever woken up in the morning and discovered that your basement was flooded, or that there was an inch or two of water in your kitchen or bathroom? If so, you know how much effort it can take to clean things up. Learn more about what makes the Action 1 Restoration team different and about our water damage restoration services at Doing this job properly requires professional grade equipment, cleaning supplies, training and experience. You need to call the professionals at Action 1 Restoration. We have the experience and the equipment that is necessary to get all the water removed and restore your home back to its original condition. With our help, you can get things back to normal again. Get The Water Removed ASAP To Avoid Mold Growth Water can cause a lot more damage than just making your floorboards damp and ruining some books or other items. It can hide underneath your floors and behind your walls. The warm, damp, dark environment that is thus created provides a perfect place for mold to start growing. There are always mold spores drifting around in the air, but most of these never cause any problems. However, when spores land somewhere warm and damp, they can quickly start to grow at a very rapid rate. In just a few days, you could already have a sizable patch of mold growing in your home. Large patches of mold can spew forth billions of mold spores. When spores are present in such concentrations, they can cause all sorts of mysterious and unpleasant health hazards. This is particularly hazardous for people who are already in poor health or have weak immune systems. Children and pets can also be vulnerable. Many people do not even realize that their chronic health problems can be the result of a mold infestation in their home. To avoid such issues, you need to make sure that you hire Action 1 Restoration right away to clean up the water damage in your house. This way, you will make sure that mold has nowhere to grow. Action 1 Restoration provides mold removal and mold remediation, learn more at The faster the cleanup process starts, the less long-term damage you will suffer. Many items that are damaged in a flood can actually be rescued if you act quickly. By calling the company right away, you can make sure that you are able to salvage as many of your possessions as possible after the water has […]

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Burst Pipe Repair And Cleanup Steps

What To Do If You Have A Burst Pipe In Your Home Water damage from a burst pipe is one of the most common reasons a home or business sustains water damage. A pipe can burst for several different reasons, but some of the most common are: temperatures dropping below freezing, old rusted pipes, not having a pressure regulator and the pressure is too much for the PVC piping. These are just a few of the main causes of a pipe bursting in your home. This is the sort of disaster that can ruin an entire day, if not the next few weeks. And the unfortunate thing is that you can’t always tell if a pipe is about to burst. Sometimes you can tell that a pipe is getting a bit rusty and starting to drip. If you notice that a pipe is at risk, then you should take the necessary steps to get the pipe replaced. But what happens if a pipe bursts and you’re simply not prepared for it? That can be a thing that many people never even consider, but knowing what to do can save you a lot of time and money. It is important to understand the steps on how to deal with a burst pipe to minimize any additional damage to your home.   Step 1. Turn Off The Main Water Source – This is difficult if you live in an apartment building or condo, but if you live in a house, it’s only a matter of knowing where the water main is located. And if you don’t know where your water main is, then you should take a few minutes to make sure you do. Knowing where the water main shut off is could help you save thousands of dollars in potential water damage. So the moment you see a burst pipe, shut off the water. The faster you get the water shut off can determine if you can do the work yourself or if you will need to hire a professional company like Action 1. Step 2. Locate The Broken Pipe – This isn’t always an easy task. If your floor is uneven, for example, water may have traveled quite a distance away from the source of the initial leak. When a pipe breaks or bursts, in most cases, it is behind a wall or in the ceiling. But it is important for our team to locate the break and what caused the pipe to burst in the first place. By determining what caused the pipe to break or burst enables us to be able to fix the problem so we can prevent it from happening again. Step 3. Assess The Amount Of Water Damage – If you’re lucky, you’ll have cut off the water quickly enough that there’s not a great deal of damage. However, even if it doesn’t seem like there’s a great deal of damage, you might want to be careful. Certain kinds of flooring can absorb water much […]

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Sewer Damage Cleanup: How to Get Your Home Clean After a Sewer Overflow

Sewer backup and overflow can cause significant damage to your property. It can also lead to unhealthy living conditions. Sewage is full of bacteria, and coming into contact with the contaminated water can cause serious health issues. Because of this, it’s important to clean up the damage right away. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. It can take a home weeks to dry out, particularly if the overflow occurred in an enclosed area. However, if the area isn’t cleaned properly, mildew and mold can remain long after the overflow. Step 1 Start by throwing away any materials that have come into contact with the water. Be sure to wear the appropriate gear before you touch your things. It can be frustrating to throw out clothes and furniture, but sewer overflow is dangerous, and it’s unlikely that any of your goods can be salvaged. Step 2 Your next step will be to clean and disinfect the area. 1/4 a cup of bleach mixed with one gallon of water will make for a powerful and effective cleaning solution. If fabric was lightly damaged, you may want to clean it with an ammonia product instead. If the damage is extensive, you may need to hire professionals like Action 1 Restoration for sewage cleanup and sanitizing. The sewage could have leaked into your walls and been soaked up by your insulation. This can cause you to experience a number of health issues if it goes addressed for an extended period of time. Only handle things yourself if the damage was minor. In many cases the sewage backup can be considered a biohazard due to the contaminants that come from a sewer problem. When it comes to sewer damage, you need to be willing to bring in professionals if necessary. The risk is simply too high; and the cost is too great. Hiring professionals can be a strain on your budget, but you have to make your health a priority.

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Why Choose Action 1 Restoration For Biohazard Cleanup

Get The Best Services Available To Help You With Biohazards Restoration When fire destroys your belongings or water washes memories away, you need someone to clean up that damage. Not any contractor from your local Google search can handle such a job. It takes experience and expertise to handle fire, water & biohazard damage both at home and at work. The Action 1 Restoration contractors are certified and licensed environmental damage repair specialists. We have been in this business a long time and we have seen everything from complete home floods, sewage damages to asbestos and crime scenes. Our team offers 24/7 emergency services because we know that we have the knowledge to get there and get started restoring your home or business immediately. Unlike other companies in the industry, Action 1 Restoration works alongside your insurance providers to ensure that you are properly taken care of. We know how stressful this type of emergency situation can be and it is our promise to shoulder as much of that burden as possible. Working with your insurance provider to give you a best in class restoration is just one of many ways we are here to help you. It doesn’t matter if it is fire or smoke damage, minor to extreme water damage, or even storm damage, our team has the skills to repair your life. Don’t take our word for it. We are here to serve you and your needs. Visit our website,, where we provide tips and tricks to get started with restoration yourself. Again, we work for you, not the other way around. We are willing to give away industry knowledge for free, to show that we are just like you. Our team at Action 1 Restoration are homeowners with insurance ourselves. Don’t believe us? Check out our famous, or infamous, Ultimate DIY Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration Guide. You read that right, we are walking you through doing it yourself. How is it we stay in business year after year when we give the secrets away? We work hard to earn your trust by hiding nothing from you, the decision maker. At the same time, many of these types of restoration services are very large projects and require expert training. Feel free to contact us and ask us anything you want to know about how we do things at Action 1 Restoration, we would love to hear from you. Do you need asbestos removed or your home has become a crime scene over night? Action 1 restoration is certified to handle each of these cases on a professional and courteous, yet sensitive, level. Your business need not worry about what we are doing leaking out. Remember, our job is to make things easier on you. If you want to see our exact methods for restoration and cleanup for each scenario listed above, please visit services section of our website. Action 1 Restoration is there for your home or business 24/7. We are there for you, because […]

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Sewage Backup Cleanup and Treatment

Sewage Backups and Overflows Can Be Considered A Biohazard Sewage backups can be a distressing, frustrating and unhygienic problem. If a septic tank or sewer system starts backing up into your plumbing then the first thing that you will notice is a bad smell and after that you may notice that your own plumbing drains slowly, or that the sewage backs up into your sinks. This is a sign of a serious problem and can also lead into a biohazard situation. Sewage can contain a lot of biological hazards – not just kitchen waste but also urine, feces and other biological waste, as well as items that have been flushed down the toilet or thrown down drains. There have even been incidents noted of sharp needles being disposed of in the sewer system. These are not items that an untrained person should be handling. At Action 1 Restoration we are specialists in handling biohazard restoration and disposal. We handle everything from medical waste and crime scenes to sewage backup cleanup & restoration. Our team of experts will respond quickly to your call, sanitize the area and identify the cause of the problem. After clearing up the visible sewage and treating any bad odors they will test the area to make sure that all contaminants are truly gotten rid of. Action 1 Restoration can handle septic tank overflows and sewer system flooding caused by anything from local sewer problems to flooding or other natural disasters. We will respond to call outs any time of the day or night, and will dispose of contaminated soft furnishings and attempt to sanitize and restore any furnishings and other possessions that are salvageable. Check out some of our services here to learn more. Do not take chances with the health of yourself and your family by trying to sanitize an area that has been contaminated by sewage by yourself. You have no idea what is in the sewage and if you do not have the correct personal protective equipment you could be opening yourself up to the risk of developing a serious infection. In addition, even if you are lucky and mange to clean up the sewage problem without falling ill, if you do not identify the cause of the sewage issue and completely clean up the area, you could find that you end up with more problems in the future, such as repeated sewer issues, or damp, mold and mildew. Contact Action 1 Restoration to deal with sewage or other biohazard problems in your home or commercial property.

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Let Action 1 Restoration Handle your Hoarding Cleanup and Restoration

How Hoarding Can Make Your Home Unlivable Cleaning a house is one thing, but walking into a hoarding situation is an entirely different story. There are more things to worry about, for example, the emotional attachment to all of the items in question. Hoarded items can consist of anything from old newspapers to items collected from thrift stores. No matter what it is, it can add up quickly, and over the years it can lead to an unsanitary, unlivable situation. This situation may have affected you in many different ways, but the most common issue is the embarrassment that comes with hoarding. By hiring Action 1 however, you will find that you are dealing with a great team that harbors no judgment for the situation that you find yourself in. What has been done, has been done, and now what you need are options for getting rid of the mess that you have managed to compile. It is important to determine what items you can live without, and which ones you absolutely need to get rid of. There is, however, much more to the process than simply getting rid of your hoarded items. You know as well as anyone else that while you could simply load those items into a dumpster, there is a strong chance that your home would begin to accumulate the same items within a few months. From things that you were ‘going to fix up’, to appliances that you don’t even need. Before you can address the problem in full you will need to learn various skills, such as: Clutter Prevention How to Treat the Root Issue While those may take some time, you will be glad to know that w will not only take care of your clutter, we will be able to deal with any damage that has resulted from the hoarding. Water damage, as well as direct structural damage can be addressed with our services. There will be no judgment here — only the hoarding cleanup and restoration you need to clear out the clutter and begin living a normal life once more. Now would be a great time to take a look at our services and get on top of the issue before it consumes your life further. We understand that these things do not simply happen overnight. There is always a story, and there is always a reason; let the Action 1 Restoration hoarding cleanup team help assist you with cleaning, sanitizing and restoring your home.

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Crime Scene Cleanup Done Right

Why Choose Action 1 Restoration for crime scene cleanups? Crime scene cleanup is a delicate task no matter how you look at it. It is bad enough that blood was spilled at that location. Individuals having the professional skills, as well as the human skills, to handle crime scene cleanup of that nature are hard to come by. Professional Crime Scene Cleaning Services The Action 1 Restoration team is trained in all aspects of biohazard and crime scene cleanup. It doesn’t matter if it is commercial or residential, we are able to provide all manner of services to help get your life back on track as easily as possible. We are here to help you through what must be a difficult time. After all, no one expects their residence to become a crime scene. We understand the delicate trauma that situations like these can cause. It is because of our professional dedication to service in these uneasy times that we have developed a methodology to handle these situations with professionalism and sensitivity. Action 1 Restoration is completely open with those who would seek our assistance with any restoration project. We spell out, explicitly, our own methods for dealing with biohazard and crime scene cleanups. Oftentimes it is difficult to discuss crime scene cleanup due to the sensitive nature of what needs to be done to the site to make it safe again. Regardless, Action 1 Restoration is available 24/7 to assist. If you were to call us about a crime scene cleanup situation, this is exactly what we would do. We developed the Crime and Trauma Scene Decontamination system based on our experiences in the field working with individuals hurt by tragedy. All CTS Decon teams wear federally approved personal protective equipment (PPE, think HAZMAT suits.)   One Of The First Steps in Cleaning A Crime Scene First we would need to survey the site to gather an understanding of what sorts of hazards we would be dealing with. Blood is one thing that requires a certain method and a certain skill set while fecal matter requires another still. After gathering an understanding of the situation, we would begin removing all dangerous materials, as well as dangerous rugs and furniture and such, for proper disposal. This almost always means incineration. It is the only way to be truly sure you and yours are safe in the event of a biohazard scenario. That which is left would then be inspected and either decontaminated off-site or sanitized depending on the situation. We do run biological tests to come as close as possible to positive that items and objects are left or returned in the safest possible condition. It goes without saying that we will of course handle an odors that arising before, during, or after our inspection. Our job is to help shoulder some of the burden during this difficult time. Crime scene cleanup is an unfortunate, but necessary, requirement in today’s world. Let Action 1 Restoration be there for you when […]

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The Best Asbestos Detection and Removal Services

Action 1 Restoration Environmental Asbestos Services Asbestos is the single most dangerous material that has ever been used in buildings in modern times. Asbestos is a fire retardant and for several decades it was used in ceiling tiles, wall tiles and your home insulation, under the mistaken impression that it was making buildings safer. Asbestos fibers are highly toxic and can cause mesothelioma if they are inhaled. While asbestos is no longer legal for use in buildings, many older buildings still contain tiles or insulation that is made from this material. Living or working in a building that contains asbestos may be dangerous, but it is far more dangerous to attempt to remove the asbestos based materials yourself. Disturbing the material will kick up dust and release loose fibers – inhaling those fibers could cause serious lung damage.   Action 1 Restoration Experience in Asbestos Services At Action 1 Restoration we have the experience, tools and personal protective equipment required to safely remove asbestos from both commercial and residential buildings, and to restore the buildings to a usable state. Our team will wear respirators while working, and seal off the area that is being treated, so that it is in a negative air pressure state. This will prevent the asbestos fibers from escaping into the atmosphere. Once the materials have been collected, any excess fibers will be vacuumed up using a highly specialist, filtered vacuum cleaner.   Asbestos must be disposed of properly If you are planning to renovate your home but you are not sure whether there is any asbestos present, it is a good idea to contact an asbestos detection and removal expert. Older properties that have not been renovated for a long time may contain asbestos, and it is a good idea to double check this before you start drilling or knocking down walls. While asbestos is sitting there un-disturbed it is unlikely to do significant damage, but as soon as it is broken, cut or drilled into the risk increases exponentially. You owe it to the health of yourself, your family, friends or employees to make sure that the environments that they are spending time in are as safe as possible. Even if the asbestos test comes back all clear, at least you will have peace of mind. Check out our Asbestos detection and removal services at Action 1 Restoration’s Biohazard Services page.

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What You Need To Know About Mold And Why Get A Mold Inspection

The degree of air moisture cannot be simply detected unless with the help of certain tools. Although molds are only visible in large and clustered amounts, mold removal should be practiced regularly in homes, schools and offices. Molds are disturbing mainly because of the dark stain they leave and potential health risks that mold has. When there is already a foul odor, it means that the molds are releasing a significant amount of spores into the air. In individual amounts, these spores are invisible to the naked eye, but they cause a host of respiratory damages. In large amounts, spores look like powder. Adults may experience sneezing, coughing, wheezing, sore throat, eye irritation and itching, chest tightness and skin irritation, since the spores can also settle into the skin. Those spores are the reproductive mechanism of molds. If they land on a cool, dark and damp surface, then the spores will grow and spread into molds.   Dangers of Mycotoxin Mold Some molds, however, are deadly. Some species release mycotoxins with their spores. These mycotoxins can cause neurological damage by traveling through the nose to reach the brain. Mycotoxin molds thrive underneath kitchen counters. Households with children and babies, daycare centers and schools should undergo monthly mold inspections because children are more sensitive to the harmful effects of mold spores. Houses that have suffered from flooding are also at risk of harboring mycotoxin molds. Even after the house has been dried out, molds will still continue to grow due to the spread of spores and the present air moisture available. Houses with inadequate ventilation also promote the growth of mycotoxin molds.   Mold Assessments & Inspections Before mold remediation, a mold assessment is performed by a cleaning company to pinpoint the source of molds and what encourages them to grow. The common areas where molds thrive are in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, attics and closets. If your house has mild growth of molds, then an excess of air moisture could be the main cause of it. An effective home DIY remedy is wiping the mold with white vinegar since acetic acid destroys mold. Let a dehumidifier run for 3 weeks and check if there is regrowth of mold in the same area. If there is, then it is time to have your house checked professionally to remove molds. The moisture may be coming from the ceiling because moisture can pass through walls and ceilings, therefore increasing the growth of mold even if there is no visible source of moisture. If molds are not removed, they can permanently stain the surface they thrive on. Molds usually have “roots” that enable them to penetrate the surface they live on. Simply put, molds are not simply sitting on the surface. In some countries, mold remediation and checkup should be done after every winter or rainy season. Melting snow can make the air more humid. Plus, the water can seep into the walls of the basement. A 3 feet by 3 feet area of mold […]

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The Inevitable Occurrence Of Fire Damage In A Home Or Business

Fire Damage Is Not Common, But It Can Happen To Any Home or Business Occurrences of fire in residential properties and commercial buildings are inevitable problems. However, many families and business owners continually suffer property damages due to fire. Fire is relatively easy to prevent; fires can be prevented unlike storms, hurricanes or floods. Nevertheless, the damages brought by fire are almost irreversible. Practically everything that stands in its way will be charred to cinders. In many cases, depending upon the amount of damage, a new building must be built. If fire damages are not too extensive, people can resort to fire damage restoration. After a fire, a building or residence is likely to suffer both fire damages and water damages. That is why most companies providing fire damage cleanup services often include water damage restoration in their package. Only professionals should attempt to restore fire damages. There are standards involved in repairing damages brought by fire. The company or firm should be associated and recognized by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Services. Qualifying individuals will receive an IICRC Certification. Aside from the IICRC certification, technicians need to receive employee trainings and continuing training to update their knowledge. The IICRC is the most encompassing training and certification. It certifies that the technicians has sufficient knowledge and training to take care of odor, mold, sewage, carpet cleaning, water damage, smoke damage and fire damage. Excellent fire damage restoration services are able to provide emergency restoration services to their clients. Some restoration services train homeowners on what to do to maintain their newly restored home.   The Fire Damage Restoration Process Starts With An Inspection. After the damage has been assessed, the restoration team will temporarily board up charred walls and windows for security. If the roof has been severely damaged, then a temporary tarpaulin will be provided as the temporary roof. Then all remaining water in hard to reach areas such as pipes will be removed. The entire area will be dried. Soot and smoke will be removed thoroughly. Only after the clean-up would the area be repaired and then restored. If restoration and repair is not possible, the company will opt for replacement of destroyed or damaged parts. The fire damage restoration team will consist of fire and water damage technicians, odor control technicians, smoke remediation technicians and fabric cleaning technicians to restore upholstery.   Preliminary Home Cleanup After A Fire After the fire and after our initial assessment, we will begin the initial steps of cleanup of your home or business. The black and brown stains and soot can leave a permanent mark if not cleaned immediately. The flame will also cause acid residues to discolor upholstery and appliances. All items that can be washed and scrubbed should be done so immediately. If the fire was put out by water, we also start scrubbing the affected areas on walls, floors and ceilings immediately. We Dry the area thoroughly. The effects of extensive damages brought by not cleaning […]

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