Emergency Restoration For Mold, Water And Storm Damage Services – Arkansas

Our team from Action 1 Restoration is expert in providing the best services for water damage restoration in Arkansas. We have close ties with the best insurance providers as they prefer our team to work with them and their clients. Our emergency service team are on call, willing to help you whenever you seek out services for water damage restoration as they start immediately on the process preventing further damage to occur. Since our team have been utilizing the most reliable state-of-the-art equipment, we assure that it’s only from us that you get the most effective services for water extraction. Our fast response and state of the art equipment means that you can be confident that mold will not get the chance to set in. In humid conditions of Arkansas, it is important if there has been sitting water or you have experienced water damage to have your home inspected for mold. If you have mold, it is important to get it removed and cleaned as soon as possible.

Water Damage Restoration

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Mold Inspections & Removal



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Water, Flood, Sewer And Odor Restoration Services For Residential & Commercial Property Damage:

  • home-and-commercial-restorationOn Site Fast
  • Direct Insurance Billing
  • 24 Hour Fast Response
  • Water Removal & Dry out
  • Cleanup Services
  • Disinfection And Odor Removal
  • Mold Prevention

The Process Of Water Damage

We start immediately in the extraction of the water inside your premises as soon as your claim has been filed. We usually perform this by using pump. Lots of care and specialized equipment is needed upon removing water from the pump. It is not a good idea to try to pump water out yourself, as you could end up with carbon monoxide poisoning if you use a petrol pump indoors in a poorly ventilated area. Then when the area has been cleared out from water, the wet areas needs to be dried out. It is recommended to use specialized tools. When all the areas have been dried, you can be able to assess the extent of damage. Your home may require specialist home repair services to fix the beams, wiring’s, joinery, plaster and other parts that have been damaged in your home.

Emergency Water Damage Repair And Cleanup Estimates

If you believe that your home is likely to be flooded, or are worried about leaks in your property, our team of experts can help you to learn more about ways to prevent water damage or mitigate the effects of unavoidable flooding. We would be willing to assist you in preserving your property and repairing the damage incurred inside your property. We take pride in informing you that we provide our services right on time as our purpose is to reach your location quickly the moment you call us. We are aware that the earlier we respond, the lesser damage would incur in your home and the sooner you could get back into your usual routine. The electrical companies we work with would help you turn off your water and electricity if ever your building has been flooded as they will turn on again the water and electricity once the repair is completed.

Affordable Water Extraction & Water Removal Contractor

rover_hve_effecient_water-extractionIt is not common to have leaks or flooding in the home, but any home or business is susceptible. Whenever your home is experiencing water damage, you need to get in touch with Action 1 Restoration ASAP. We make sure that we remove and reduce all structural damages or any potential for mold development by means of inspecting your crawl spaces, structural materials and flooring before starting to remove standing water successfully.

Our professional technicians and water extraction equipment are on call in order to save you precious time. The structure of your house should be dried up completely once you’re standing water is totally removed in order to prevent any further mold growth or moisture damage.

Structural Drying For Home And Buildings

There has been a procedure for carrying out water extraction and restoration services, and then we follow that techniques to ensure that we perform the job right away and get every home dry, clean, mold free and safe.

The following steps in assessment, prevention and repairing is necessary to consider:

  • The lowest levels are the parts in which water settles and these wet areas dry out within a period of time.
  • It is a requirement to check out crawl spaces and other areas in which water crawls and settles. We just don’t do superficial work upon removing water from homes because we are aware that water could settle in the areas causing unwanted damages to your home.
  • To be able to clean your property correctly, we use specialized water meters and equipment in detecting damp and standing water.

Sewage Cleaning & Restoration Arkansas

We also offer sewage restoration services together with the services we mentioned earlier. We make it to a point that we arrive at your premises the moment you call us in order to help prevent this problem from worsening.

Once the trace of sewage water has been removed, we move on with these restoration techniques:
– Ruined items which can be restored should be removed.
– Before completing the de-humidification process, the area should be dry.
– All these residual odors should be eliminated.
– We aim to get back the items into their usual state by rebuilding, repairing and restoring them.

Best Flood Damage Restoration And Cleanup Services

It is vitally important that any water damage restoration processes are conducted in a professional and precise manner. We have to make sure that your property is completely dry in order to help avoid the development of mold in time. All our team members have been certified and we take pride in keeping up to date with the latest and up to date technologies in our line of work.

Storm Damage Restoration In Arkansas

The Action 1 Restoration team in Arkansas specializes in emergency storm damage restoration services. The monsoon season and storm damage in Arkansas can cause a lot of damage to your home in a short period of time. Our professional team can generally be at your home or business to assess the damage within 60 minutes from the time you call us. Once we arrive at your home or business after you have sustained storm damage, is to access the damages and contact your insurance company so we can start the restoration process and file your claim.

Some types of storm damage we have seen in Arkansas are:

  • waterdamageimageicon1Excessive flooding
  • Water damage from the storm
  • Hail damage
  • Strong wind damage
  • Electrical damage
  • Lightning damage
  • Major roofing leaks from the storm
  • Potential mold issues
  • And more

You want to get in touch with us immediately after you have any commercial or residential storm damage to stop any potential additional damage. Get in touch with the Action 1 Restoration team at (877) 246-8788 to get immediate storm or monsoon damage restoration help!


Affordable Mold Removal And Remediation Services – Arkansas

Mold Removal And Remediation

Mold Removal And Remediation

Action 1 staff are experts and professionals capable of inspecting your house for mold and other potential issues within households in Arkansas. If you think that there’s a mold and any other problem in your house, you need to call someone without hesitation as we will be happy to serve you. Our company has dealt with a lot of mold removal and remediation jobs inside the surrounding areas of Arkansas. If disregarded, mold can result in serious health risks like respiratory distress or other health problems to you and your family may arise. Mold has been a serious problem and it ought to be dealt with the moment you notice that there is the presence of mold inside your house. Once you ignore this, the problem won’t be solved. You must contact a certified company to inspect your home for mold, and when they find any, they should start with the removal process as quickly as possible. Action 1 aims to provide you with the most accurate results we can give you with the help of the most innovative equipment that we utilize.

We’ve effectively assisted numerous home owners in recovering valuable things in the home for example furniture, heirlooms as well as other valuable products. Feel free to contact us today and find out how good our team is in helping homeowners recover and restore every home within Arkansas we served.

Cities In Arkansas We Service:

Little Rock Springdale
Fort Smith Jonesboro
Fayetteville Conway

Action 1 Restoration Locations – http://www.action1restoration.net/locations/


Fire Damage Repair And Restoration Services We Provide In Arkansas

Experiencing fire and smoke within your home could be really devastating. You can’t afford to ignore the restoration of your home once you experience fire and smoke incident. We are proud to guarantee you that we will be right here willing to assist you with your insurer and work on the restoration you require after fire and soot damage. Our team has been experienced and certified which have aided a lot of household and business owners in returning back into their normal lives and a healthy environment to live in after the different types of fire. The Action 1 team is willing to serve you the moment you call us.

Our Services For Fire Damage Repair

The main thing a building owner considers is to remove the smell of the smoke and soot out of the building. But, the bad news is that smoke and soot damage repair can be complicated by chemical changes of fire. The cleanup could cause additional damage when the cleanup process and utilization of cleanup chemicals is not properly performed. In this case, a professional team is needed to repair this damages caused by fire. Our team of professionals have the necessary equipment, tools and training to properly clean your home, business and personal belongings to ensure that your home is safe to move back into after any fire damage disaster.

Fire, Smoke & Odor Restoration Services For Residential & Commercial Property Damage:

  • residential_commercial_restoration_fire_smokeFast Response Times
  • Fire Restoration And Clean Up
  • Fast Assessment Of Damages
  • Bill Your Insurance Directly
  • Proper Cleaning Methods
  • Smoke And Odor Sanitation
  • Removal Of Affected And Non Affected Household Goods And Items
  • Mold Prevention

Saving Your Precious Items

If you do not have an inventory of your homes items, after the fire and after you have got the ok to enter the home, it is advisable to take pictures and get an inventory of all your personal items you have and that were damaged. We will prepare an inventory of the items you have inside your home and make sure we keep them within a safe and controlled area. The most reliable tools, equipment and techniques will be utilized by our team in restoring your home and the items inside your home. All the valuable and sentimental things in your home should be saved during the cleanup and restoration process. With the restoration techniques used in today environment is much better than it used to be. There are a lot of instances wherein we were able to salvage important items. There are some circumstances where we are not able to save some or many of these items.

Smoke Damage Cleanup Services

To eliminate the stench of smoke, is advisable to determine what the type of fire is. There are various counteractants that can be used to eliminate the smell of smoke and this will depend on the type of chemicals from the fire. If your property is not treated with these additives, the smoke smell will never be removed. A tent is placed on top of the building in some situations while it is being treated with ozone as this process aids in breaking down all the odorous molecules.

Contractors For Soot Damage Cleanup

fire_smoke_damage_assistanceSince soot is oil based, it spreads easily within the area of your property. To be able to remove all the soot from all your carpets and textiles from your home, professionals make use of specialized vacuums. Whenever you use a water-based cleaner, the soot wont dissolve which will result to more problems. Utilizing a brush to clean the surface is a no no because the soot will sink in deeper around the material.

Odor Removal & Control

The first process is to remove all the moisture left from water in dousing the fire. The combination of moisture and charred carbon material sets up an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria and mold. When this mixture is not properly cleaned, the wood will begin to rot and this will cause further damage to the structure. The most reliable soot and smoke damage repair team takes action instantly after a fire to remove all the water making use of the most innovative and effective equipment. Following this step, the smoke and soot cleanup is gotten underway quickly so that your Arkansas home and your personal belongings can be saved.

What To Do After A Fire in Arkansas

The moment the building owner had been given permission to reenter by the fire department, the next process is ventilation. It is important that the windows are left open in order for the air to move freely. Instead of containing soot and smoke smell inside your home, it is important to give it the opportunity to disperse as to minimize the problem.

Whenever there is water left in the area, this needs to be eliminated before opening the windows in a warm weather. In closed windows, a dehumidifier is required. In cold weather, turn on the furnace and the cold air will do the drying. Make sure to change the furnace filter frequently until it shows no sign of soot.

Drapes and carpets absorb water and this could be a breeding ground for mold. The steps in drying out should be made instantly. This fabric should be removed completely from your home. Once the pros arrive, they will work with you to restore your home to its former condition.

The Best Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Team in Arkansas

call-center-headset-smallerWe have all of the necessary knowledge needed to figure out how serious all of your damages are and stop them from getting any worse. Smoke, soot and smell from fire causes a lot of damages. It is important to eliminate the smoke, soot and odor within the cleanup process regardless of the size of the area of fire. When this process has been completed, you should be willing to repair and restore your home from all the damages that took place. We work hard to provide you the most reliable and effective services for your family who has experienced this disaster. The moment you get in touch with us, we guarantee to provide you the best services you require from this industry. In order to know how much of the restoration services will be covered, you need to browse and understand what has been stated in your policy. Since we deal with a lot of insurance providers, we could take care of the settling of your bill but still, we recommend you to find out about the specifics. We would be pleased to serve every household and business owner from Arkansas.