Affordable Restoration of Mold Removal, Water, Flood And Storm Damage In Hawaii

If you are a resident in Hawaii and you need a full water restoration, Action 1 Restoration is a team that could help you with your need. We take pride in working with the best insurance providers and at the same time we have been their chosen restoration provider. Whenever you require emergency restoration service, our on call emergency service professionals are ready to step up to assist you with your problem on water and flood damage without delay. You will require immediate water damage restoration support whenever you have leaks around your pipeline or flood within your home in order to prevent the occurrence of mold in your property. While Hawaii dwellers enjoy a dry climate where mold is not as serious a risk as in other regions, that is not to say that quick action is unnecessary.

Water Damage Restoration

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Fire Damage Restoration

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Mold Inspections & Removal



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Water And Flood Services For Residential And Commercial Properties:

  • commercial_residential_water_restorationOn Site Promptly
  • We Bill Your Insurance Directly
  • 24 Hour Fast Response
  • Water Extraction & Dry Out
  • Sewer Cleanup
  • Disinfection & Odor Control
  • Mold Prevention

An Overview On The Process Of Water Damage

Once we have communicated with your insurance carrier, we take the initial step of pumping all water from your premises. Sounds simple, but it would be a challenge. We make sure that there will be no water left behind your property as we employ only innovative equiqment upon removing the water totally. And because of this specialized equipment that we use, the drying out process is carried out effectively. When extraction and dry out process are completed, the home should be inspected to be able to find out if it needs home improvement repairs to bring it back into its usual beauty. Insurance plays a significant role in water damage restoration as it serves to cover you the requirements in protecting your home from damages to occur because of water leaks and flooding.

Water Damage Repair in Hawaii

We are here to help you avoid water damage whenever you find out that your home is prone to flooding due to plumbing leaks or any other problems. We have been experienced with assisting home owners in preserving and restoring their property. Our Hawaii team will be willing to work for you within an hour from the moment we find out that you need our expertise. We will contact your insurance provider then take care of your claim as this is one of our many abilities. Whenever you take action fast and work on water damage restoration earlier, the sooner you can get back to your normal routine. Among the basic process, we help you switch off your water and electricity to prevent any further accidents or damage.

Affordable Water Removal And Water Extraction Estimates

Water leaks and flooding can happen to any home or business. Whenever your home is experiencing water damage, you need to get in touch with Action 1 Restoration ASAP. We will conduct inspections of all your crawl spaces, structural materials and floor coverings of the damaged areas. The inspection is then followed by efficient removal of any standing water, which is vital in eliminating and reducing structural damages or the threat of mold growth.

Every single minute counts, that is why our expert team is on call with our professional grade extraction and dry-out equipment. The structure of your house should be dried up completely once you’re standing water is totally removed in order to prevent any further mold growth or moisture damage.

Drying The Structures By Hawaii Experts

Commercial Air Blowers Used to Dry OUt Your Home

Commercial Air Blowers Used to Dry OUt Your Home

We set a schedule to give the best outcomes on completing the job quickly but efficiently to help you get back with your daily routine. We start by determining exactly how much water damage has occurred.

We can be able to find out how much damage by means of:

  • Water crawls down towards the deepest levels, so this areas which have been wet would dry up after some time.
  • We inspect not only the surface but more than the areas where damage is obviously visible. We do a full inspection of your home’s crawl spaces and find any damage which may have a negative effect on the overall safety of your home.
  • To allow our teams to make the right determination of the amount of water damage we use specialized tools and meters that permit us to accurately gauge the exact damage.

Hawaii Sewage Cleanup Services

We just not offer the best flood damage services but we also provide sewage restoration services. Our goal is to extract the existing sewage, stop any leaks and prevent further damage in as timely a manner as possible.

We initially remove the sewage from your premises. After that we will begin the restoration process, which will include:

  • The items damaged are removed for repair.
  • De-humidification follows after drying out process.
  • The areas flooded with sewage should be deodorized.
  • Repair work on the structure take place when required after the restoration process.

Experienced Flood Damage Restoration Services in Hawaii

A skilled and professional team should be handling water damage restoration. As we pointed out above, the most part of the process is drying things out and making sure there is no excessive mold growth in order to prevent risking your loved ones health. Our team members possess the right certification and they take pride in keeping up-to-date or recent information concerning the industry.

Fast And Affordable Storm Damage Restoration Services

After a microburst storm in Hawaii, your home or business can be left devastated with damage and it is our job to help you get your life back on track. Our team provides emergency 24 hour for commercial and residential storm damage services. Our team of experts are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our experienced team of contractors understands that a major storm that disrupts your home or business, you need to get a restoration company to help you right away.

The storms in Hawaii can cause the following damage, but are not limited to:

  • lightning_striking_homeFlooding from the storm
  • Water damage from the storm
  • Hail damage to your home or building
  • Strong wind damage
  • Electrical damage
  • Lightning damage
  • Roofing damage
  • Potential mold issues
  • And more

The expert team at Action 1 Restoration will first access the storm damage and contact your insurance company in order to start repairing and rebuilding the damage caused by the storm. The Action 1 Restoration Hawaii team are insurance storm damage specialists and works with most insurance companies to help you get immediate resolution and repair.


Best Contractor For Mold Removal In Hawaii

Mold_Remediation_TestingAction 1 team additionally provides mold inspection services in which the specialists are aware that keeping residential and offices free from mold is necessary. If our team has noticed that your home is at risk for mold growth or mold problem, or when you call us for mold inspection, our mold remediation and removal experts will come right away and inspect your property. We have worked in Hawaii area with much of mold removal and remediation projects. Mold won’t go away by itself. It is crucial that you take action with mold issues quickly, to ensure your family’s health remains safe and secure.

We’ve helped a lot of property owners in restoring their furniture, heirlooms as well as other valuable products in the home. All the information you may need can be provided by our team any time you reach us.

Islands In Hawaii We Service:

Big Island Maui
Honolulu Oahu

Restoration Services for A1R Locations

Our Fire Damage Repair And Restoration Services In Hawaii

The effects of smoke and fire damage on your home, its contents and your entire family can be tragic. Delay is the enemy in terms of the restoration of your home after an incident involving smoke and fire. You get assurance from us that we will take care of your insurer and bring back your home into its original state as we are available round-the-clock to assist you with your fire and soot problems. Our team of certified, experienced professionals have helped countless individuals and business owners return to normal following fires of various types. You can count on us anytime you require our services at Action 1.

Hawaii Fire Damage Cleanup Services in Hawaii

Following any type of fire, the immediate motivation is to eliminate the stench of smoke and the damage brought by soot throughout the property. The only challenge we go through is the chemical reactions in repairing of the damages caused by soot and smoke from fire. When proper cleaners and processes are implemented, it will lessen the damages preventing the situation to worsen. Therefore, fire victims tend to hire professional fire repair technicians to restore their homes and belongings. You can get back into your daily routine immediately because we are a team that comprises of expert and knowledgeable personnel to aid you in cleaning and restoring your home and its items into their normal state.

Commercial & Residential Fire Repair Services:

  • fire_smoke_damageFast Response Times
  • Fire Restoration And Clean Up
  • Fast Assessment Of Damages
  • Claim Filing Done For You
  • Environment Safe Cleaning Systems
  • Smoke And Odor Purification
  • Removal Of Affected And Non Affected Household Goods And Items
  • Water Dry Out Preventing Mold

How To Save Your Valuable Possessions

Take time to snap photos and make a listing of the items that have been damaged following a fire whenever you have no complete inventory of your home’s content. The members of our team will inspect and make an inventory of the things inside your home before they keep them inside a controlled and safe place. We guarantee that we utilize the most effective cleaners, tools, equipment and techniques in salvaging and restoring your valuable items. Our restoration process works to preserve all your valuable items and heirlooms. Within the fire restoration industry, technological innovations has assisted us to be more successful in every endeavor that we take compared to the past. While we are often able to save items of great sentimental value, there are certain times when doing so simply proves impossible.

Smoke Damage Cleanup Services

The smell of the smoke needs expertise in determining the type of fire that burned. Different counteractants will be necessary to break up the molecules that had caused the smoke smell depending on the mix and type of chemicals that burned as well as the amount of other flammable materials like wood in the fire. It is important to use additives to treat materials and surfaces to remove smoke smell. There are instances where a tent will be aimed towards an entire building to be treated with ozone to break down the molecules that causes the smell.

Hawaii Odor Removal & Control

cleanup-of-fire-and-smoke-damageOne possible problem in the restoration process is water damage from extinguishing the fire. Charred carbon materials and damp walls are the perfect environment for mold and bacteria to develop and thrive. When this wood items are neglected and not taken care of in drying properly, they will rot causing more damages which will be impossible to recover. Our team works instantly the moment we arrive in your property, we remove all the water after the fire has been squelched. The next in line is the smoke and soot cleanup, done carefully, with the most advanced equipment and techniques, so that your Hawaii home is soon brought back to a habitable condition.

Soot Damage Cleanup

Soot consists of oil that has the qualities of moving directly into structures. Thus, professional soot cleaners utilize powerful machinery and vacuums designed to lift soot from fabrics and other materials. The problem could worsen when water-based solvent is used in the process. It is never advisable to use brushes as part of the process, since friction works to drive the soot further into the substance that is meant to be cleaned.

Steps that has to be done by Home Owners Right After A Fire

It is important to establish ventilation right after the fire department has given approval to reentry to the property for the owner. It is important that all windows are opened and air is flowing freely throughout the building. This process is used in dispersing the odor of smoke and soot.

It is essential that you eliminate the residual water before opening the windows. When this is the case, you must keep the windows closed and run a dehumidifier. During a cold climate, the windows must be shut and the dehumidifier should be turned on. The filters of the furnace should be inspected when you find it dirty with soot.

Drapes and carpets tend to soak up water and provide a good breeding environment for mold. It is important to dry carpets and drapes as soon as possible. There are instances that you need to take out the carpets and drapes. This professionals should take action in bringing back your home into its usual state once they get into your place.

Hawaii Expert Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Services

Man with a leaking ceiling using phone

Man with a leaking ceiling using phone

We are a team of professionals that have been well-trained and experienced in finding out the cause and extent of damage incurred by any property as we aim to preserve and restore your home and the things inside your home. Soot, smoke and odor can cause continuing destruction to your home, even after the fire has been doused. Skilled cleanup efforts are essential even after the most minor of fires in order to keep homes and businesses in proper condition. The process of preserving and restoring begins right after the structure has been stabilized. Our team aims to deliver you the most reliable and professional services towards their clients within this incidence. Calling the Action 1 team is a great way to gain real peace of mind and know that you will be treated right. It is important to know about your insurance coverage in order that you won’t be surprised about any cost. We take pride that most major insurers choose to work with us as they know how we take care of our clients, yet, you need to have knowledge about the things to expect in advance. Our Hawaii team looks forward to assisting you.