Emergency Water, Storm And Mold Damage Cleanup And Repair Services

If you are a resident in Iowa and you need a full water restoration, Action 1 Restoration is a team that could help you with your need. We are proud to work in conjunction with just about every insurance carrier, and we have been awarded preferred provider status by many. We have an on call emergency service team that are prepared to arrive in your location as soon as you require us to work on your water and flood damage restoration problems. You will require immediate water damage restoration support whenever you have leaks around your pipeline or flood within your home in order to prevent the occurrence of mold in your property. In higher humidity climates like Iowa, it is important to have any standing water removed fast and dried out by a professional team of experts. You may also need to have a thorough mold inspection and even mold removal completed.

Water Damage Restoration

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Fire Damage Restoration

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Mold Inspections & Removal



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Commercial & Residential Property Water Restoration:

  • residential and commercial water damage assistanceImmediate Response
  • We Bill Your Insurance Directly
  • 24 Hours A Day
  • Water Removal & Dry out
  • Sewage Cleanup & Restoration
  • Disinfection Services
  • Mold Removal

Water Damage Restoration & Repair Procedure

The first step in water extraction we do in your home or office is to pump out the water after we have taken care of your insurance claim. It sounds simple, but we have commercial grade equipment and trained professionals. Differing equipment is used in pumping and removing water in your home. The next step is the dry out process, which will require different equipment to dry out the affected area(s). Depending on the extent and the cause of damage, you may require additional home improvement repairs to get your home back in order. To protect your home from plumbing and flood leaks as well as fire damage that could occur, you need a homeowners insurance policy with proper coverage.

Water Damage Restoration – Iowa

If your home is being attacked by flooding and/or leaks, we can use our skill and experience to help you prevent further issues and deal with those that have already started to develop. Our team makes use of strategies that works effectively in restoring your home into its original condition. Right after receiving your call, we will be at your premises in less than an hour or so as we are available 24/7. The sooner you call, the sooner we will be there ready to help. We will start on the repairs instantly right after we have dealt with your insurance claim. As soon as you work on these effects of water damage, the more damages could be prevented. This is a mean to aid you resume to your normal routine quickly. We are going to switch off your water and electricity because it might be essential for the safety of anybody around the property.

Affordable Water Removal And Extraction Company

hydro_x_xtreme_water_extraction_vacWhenever flooding and water leaks takes place within your home, you need to take immediate action. Mold and damp could set in once you do not remove right away all the water in your property. It is best to seek the services of a company that specializes on water extraction to make sure that your flooring, crawl spaces and structural materials are inspected to be free from wet or damp area and be completely dry. Just a few minutes of delay could cause a lot on the structural repairs and mold treatments rather than just simply redecorating your home.

Structural Drying For Home And Buildings

We set up a schedule to get the job done without hassles to be able to work effectively. The initial step we do is to find out the extent of damage by water in your home.

This is how we do things:

  • Water invades the deepest part of the floors in which it allows it to totally dry out after some time.
  • We have our way to determine where and how the damage took place in addition to looking only on the surface. This crawl spaces of the house should be inspected thoroughly. These damages are caused by water in which the structures of the property can be ruined.
  • The extent of water damage could be measured by the use of specialized equipment that we employ. It helps us figure out the best solution we must implement to prevent water damage.

Sewage Cleaning & Restoration Iowa

We specialize not only in the entire flood damage services but also sewage restoration services. Whenever you have problems with your sewage system, don’t hesitate to call us as one of our objectives is to arrive at your place quickly in order to prevent further damage on your personal belongings, valuable things and even the entire structure of your home. We also work to address the source of the leak promptly so that the problems do not worsen or persist in the future.

The following steps should be performed when the sewage water has been removed:

  • We have to remove all the items to be restored
  • The area should be completely dry and dehumidified
  • Odor removal and deodorizing
  • Repair, rebuild and restore the items

Quality Flood Damage Restoration Services

Water damage restoration should be handled by expert professionals. With this hi-tech equipment and years of expertise we’re not only able to remove water and sewage out of your property and repair any existing damage we are able to inspect the home for potential trouble shoots which help to avoid the probability of mold growth or moist related rot in time. We take pride in giving the most reliable and up-to-date water removal strategies as well as the most effective response possible.

Contractors For Storm Damage Restoration And Cleanup

Our Iowa team offers 24 hour emergency storm damage services in Iowa. The monsoon season and storm damage in Iowa can cause a lot of damage to your home in a short period of time. Our experienced team can be at your home or commercial building within 60 minutes from the time you call us. One of our 1st steps is to access the damage and contact your insurance company in order to start the cleanup and restoration process after we arrive at your home.

Some of the damage you may incur during a big storm is:

  • Storm_Houses_CircleFlooding from the storm
  • Water damage from the storm
  • Hail damage
  • Strong wind damage
  • Electrical damage
  • Lightning damage
  • Roofing damage
  • Potential mold issues
  • And more

Monsoon damage and storm damage can affect any home or building and you want to make sure the storm damage company in Iowa that you call is experienced and can restore your home fast. Get in touch with the Action 1 Restoration team at (877) 246-8788 to get immediate storm or monsoon damage restoration help!


Iowa Mold Inspection & Removal Services

Mold_Remediation_TestingThe team of experts at Action 1 includes mold inspection experts who understand how important it is to keep domestic properties and offices free of mold. If our team has noticed that your home is at risk for mold growth or mold problem, or when you call us for mold inspection, our mold remediation and removal experts will come right away and inspect your property. Our team of experts from Action 1 have worked on a lot of mold removal and remediation jobs in Iowa. Mold won’t disappear on its own. It is crucial that you take action with mold issues quickly, to ensure your family’s health remains safe and secure.

We have aided a lot of home owners to restore precious items including furniture, heirlooms and other things that are of value in the home. Feel free to contact us today and find out how good our team is in helping homeowners recover and restore every home within Iowa we served.

 Cities In Iowa We Service:

Cedar Rapids Iowa City
Davenport Sioux City
Des Moines Waterloo

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Affordable Fire Damage Repair And Restoration Services In Iowa

Experiencing fire and smoke within your home could be really devastating. Delay is the enemy in terms of the restoration of your home after an incident involving smoke and fire. We are proud to let you know that we are available 24/7 and we will take care of your insurance claim and get your home back into its usual state after a fire and smoke incident. Our team has been experienced and certified which have aided a lot of household and business owners in returning back into their normal lives and a healthy environment to live in after the different types of fire. We will be pleased to help you from the moment that you need us.

Fire Damage Repair Contractors

The top priority of most property owners is the removal of smoke smell and soot damage after a fire. This can be a challenging task due to the chemical process of fire. If cleanup is done incorrectly or the wrong cleaning supplies are used, it can make matters worse. This is the importance of hiring professionals to handle this critical cleanup task. The Action 1 team of experts has got the necessary knowledge and expertise about the correct handling of the tools, equipment and solutions in the cleaning up and restoration process within fire disaster.

Commercial And Residential Fire Damage Services We Offer:

  • residential_commercial_fire_smoke_damageOn Site Promptly
  • Fire Restoration And Clean Up
  • Prompt Damage Assessment
  • Claim Filing Done For You
  • Environment Safe Cleaning Systems
  • Smoke And Odor Removal
  • Removal Of Affected And Non Affected Household Goods And Items
  • Prevention Of Mold Methods

Saving Your Precious Items

Personal things should be listed down and photos of this things should be taken for documentation of the damages the moment you receive the approval for reentry after a fire. When Action 1 team arrives to your place, we will list down all the things inside your home and keep them in a controlled and safe area. We utilize only the best techniques, products and equipment in restoring your home and the things around your home. Throughout the restoration and clean-up process, our team from Action 1 will work hard to save your property as well as each and every item important to you. Modern restoration techniques are so much better than those used in the past that you are sure to be pleased with the results. We are often able to save delicate items of sentimental value. Yet, there are some things impossible to save.

Smoke Damage Cleanup Services

In order to get rid of smoke smells, it is important to know what type of fire caused it. It is important to find out the type of chemicals that arise from fire to determine which counteractants are best to utilize in removing smoke odors. If your property is not treated with these additives, the smoke smell will never be removed. A tent is placed on top of the building in some situations while it is being treated with ozone as this process aids in breaking down all the odorous molecules.

How to Remove Odor From Fire and Smoke

sever_fire_damageThe damage caused by water that was used in putting out the fire is one of the problem in fire restoration. Charred carbon materials and damp walls are the perfect environment for mold and bacteria to develop and thrive. When this wood items are neglected and not taken care of in drying properly, they will rot causing more damages which will be impossible to recover. Right after putting out the fire, our intervention teams take action right away by removing all the water immediately. The next in line is the smoke and soot cleanup, done carefully, with the most advanced equipment and techniques, so that your Iowa home is soon brought back to a habitable condition.

Emergency Soot Damage Restoration And Cleanup

Soot consists of oil that has the qualities of moving directly into structures. Professional soot cleaners employ the most useful and reliable equipment and vacuums in order to lift soot out of the fabrics and other materials like drapes and carpets. Using water-based solvents will not solve soot problems and will often exacerbate the problem. Brushes are not allowed on the process because these would cause further damage to the items and structures as friction would push the soot deeper inside the surface.

What Property Owners Can Do After A Fire

It is necessary to establish ventilation after you are allowed by the fire department to enter the property again. All the windows must be opened in order for air to flow freely inside your house. In this way, the soot and smell of the smoke could disperse a bit in order to aid the intervention teams.

Nonetheless, if there’s still water left inside the rooms, don’t open the windows, especially if the weather is hot. It is important to remove the water first. Use a dehumidifier, but keep the windows closed until you finish. If the weather is cold, just let the furnace run and the cold air will help you. The only thing you need to do is check the furnace filter often and change it, so that it doesn’t show any sign of soot.

Carpets and curtains and other heavy window treatments need to be removed immediately if there are wet, because they are an excellent ground for mold and bacteria. There are situations in which this things should be thrown away for good but, however, this won’t be a big problem, so you shouldn’t feel sad.

Iowa Experienced Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration

operatorWe have the necessary experience and expertise to assess the damages you have sustained and aid with prevention of any additional damages. Some of the additional damages after a fire are from smoke, soot and odor. Smoke, soot and odor removal should be done after a fire in your property. After that comes the repairing of your household items and your home itself. Our goal is to provide you with the best service possible during this disaster that has struck your family. You can make sure that the team of experts at Action 1 can provide you the very best in the business. You need to check your insurance policy to find out what aspects are actually covered. Most insurance companies work with us as we bill them directly, yet you still have to know about the cost or expenses which has to be covered. We look forward to the opportunity in Iowa to help you. Visit all the Action1Restoration locations..