Do You Need Water Damage or Fire Damage Repair in Maine?

The Action 1 Restoration team are specialists in water damage restoration and serve the Maine area. We have a close bonding with the famous insurance providers and they have chosen us to be their preferred provider to work with them. We have our on call emergency service team that are readily available when you need restoration services as we work on the process right away to prevent further damage. Our team utilizes the most efficient equipment for water extraction as we give the most effective water restoration services. Our fast response and state of the art equipment means that you can be confident that mold will not get the chance to set in. The Maine climate is not conducive to mold, but we offer an extra layer of confidence and the peace of mind that your family deserves.

Water Damage Restoration

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Fire Damage Restoration

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Mold Inspections & Removal



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Property Restoration Services For Commercial & Residential:

  • residential_commercial_restoration_servicesImmediate Response
  • We Bill Your Insurance Directly
  • 24 Hours A Day
  • Water Dry Out & Removal
  • Sewage Cleanup & Restoration
  • Disinfection & Odor Control
  • Mold Remediation

Overview of Our Water Damage Process

When we have taken care of your claim, our team would begin our process of restoration by means of extracting all of the standing water out of your house or business. This is not always as simple as it may sound. We have a lot of specialized equipment needed to extract all the water out of your home to come up with a very positive outcome. As soon as the standing water is removed, dry out process has to be started and this process needs a new set of equipment to use within the affected areas. With regards to the amount of water damage existing, you may consider repairing your home and bringing it back into its usual state. But don’t worry, this is why you have your homeowners insurance — as a protection for the unfortunate times when you have developed plumbing leaks or sustained other water damage.

Free Estimates For Water Damage Repair And Cleanup

rover_hve_effecient_water-extractionShould you find out that your home is in danger of flooding due to plumbing leaks or other problems, we can help you to prevent this from happening. We are experts when it comes to helping you preserve and restore your property. Our team from Maine will be glad to hear from you and assist you from the moment you give us a call. We’ll contact right away your insurance provider and we’ll take care of claiming your insurance as we are specialists for insurance claim. Speedy work is required in water damage to help you get back to your usual routine faster. First, we turn off your water and also your electricity as needed for your safety.

Affordable Water Extraction & Water Removal Contractor

It is important to act immediately once flooding and water leaks take place within your home. Mold and damp could set in once you do not remove right away all the water in your property. A specialist water extraction company is necessary to inspect the crawl spaces, floorings and structural framework of your home to make sure there will be no single drop of water and the building is completely dry. There will be more damages present whenever a delay exists and this could cost you a lot on the home repairs or mold treatment than just redecorating your home.

Structural Drying For Home And Buildings

For the restoration we undertake, we aim to achieve the most effective results and this has been possible because we set up a schedule to complete the work effectively as soon as we can.

First, we determine the intensity of damage. This is done through:

  • Water settles in the low-lying parts of the structure and this is the first area we inspect.
  • We look further than the areas that is visually seen on the surface by means of a cursory inspection before we move on towards the crawl spaces and structural framework.
  • We use extremely specialized water meters and tools to seek out wet areas and standing water and to measure the intensity of the damage.

Sewage Cleanup Services

We specialize not only in the entire flood damage services but also sewage restoration services. When you have sewage problems, we can assist you get your home free from any damage as our goal is to be at your home immediately right after you call us. We work on handling the source of the leak immediately in order to prevent too much damage to arise in the future.

The following steps should be performed when the sewage water has been removed:

  • entrance and staircase of the House invaded by mud  2We have to remove all the items to be restored.
  • The area should be completely dry and dehumidified.
  • Odor removal and deodorizing.
  • Repair, rebuild and restore the items.

Experienced Flood Damage Restoration Services in Maine

It’s very important that any process of water damage restoration should be carried out by expert professionals. We ensure your house will be completely dried as a way to stop the occurrence of mold in the future. Our team are actually certified and we are proud of employing the most innovative as well as the latest and current technologies in our line of work.

Experienced Storm Damage Restoration Company

Action 1 Restoration specializes in storm and monsoon damage restoration services for commercial buildings and residential homes. Our Maine team has years of storm damage repair experience and we offer commercial and residential services. During a big storm or our monsoon season in Maine, there are many homes & commercial businesses that fall victim to damages. The Action 1 Restoration team of Maine is here to help you anytime of the day with a storm damage disaster.

Some types of storm damage we have seen in Maine are:

  • Excessive flooding
  • Water damage from the storm
  • Hail damage to your home or building
  • Wind Damage
  • Electrical damage
  • Lightning damage
  • Major roofing leaks from the storm
  • Potential mold issues
  • And more

Our certified team is just a phone call away and can handle restoring your home or your business. We will work with your insurance company in order to get your claim filed and begin the restoration process immediately. You will find that our team comes prepared with all the necessary experience and equipment your project will need.


Mold Inspection & Removal Services Maine

Mold_Remediation_TestingAction 1 staff are experts and professionals capable of inspecting your house for mold and other potential issues within households in Maine. If you think that there’s a mold and any other problem in your house, you need to call someone without hesitation as we will be happy to serve you. We had handled a lot of mold removal and remediation jobs in Maine. If it is left alone, mold can pose serious health risks for you and your family, including respiratory distress. The moment you realize that there may be a development of mold, this must be handled immediately because mold is a serious issue and could compromise your health. When you take this for granted, it will continue to be an issue. A licensed company for mold should be handled by a certified company and once they trace any presence of mold, they must act right away on remediation process. Our team from Action 1 has been certified and experienced to give you the most effective results available as we make use of our specialized techniques having the latest equipment for water damage restoration.

We make use of the best recognition and testing tools to make sure that the removal process is completed correctly. We have helped a huge number of homeowners to remove mold from their property and also helped to clean and restore furniture, family heirlooms and other times. Contact us today to find out more about how to cope with water damage.

The Cities In Maine We Service:

Auburn Lewiston
Bangor Portland
Biddeford South Portland

All our locations can be found at


Maine Contractors For Fire Damage Repair And Fire Damage Cleanup

Damages caused by fire and smoke could cause you and your household a lot of problems. When it involves the restoration of your home, time is one factor you need to consider after a damage has been made through fire and smoke. We operate 24/7 as we have been willing to serve every household and business owner through working with your insurer and the restoration of your business and residential that has been damaged by fire, soot and smoke. We were able to assist lots of property owners restore the things into the normal path after they have experienced any type of fire. Our action 1 team has been willing to assist you any moment you need us.

Our Services For Fire Damage Repair

The main thing a building owner considers is to remove the smell of the smoke and soot out of the building. But, the bad news is that smoke and soot damage repair can be complicated by chemical changes of fire. The cleanup could cause additional damage when the cleanup process and utilization of cleanup chemicals is not properly performed. When this happens, property owners are required to hire fire damage repair professionals. Our expert team possesses the most reliable tools and equipment as they train home owners to clean properties and personal belongings preparing the home residential_commercial-fire-and-smoke-restoration-servicesowners to get back into their home without any harm after fire damage disaster.

Fire, Smoke And Odor Damage Services For Commercial & Residential Buildings:

  • On Site Promptly
  • Clean Up & Restoration For Smoke And Fire
  • Fast Assessment Of Damages
  • Bill Your Insurance Directly
  • Environment Safe Cleaning Systems
  • Smoke And Odor Purification
  • Removal Of Affected And Non Affected Household Goods And Items
  • Mold Prevention

Your Precious Items Could Be Saved

Take note on the things that have been damage after a fire by means of listing them down and taking pictures in case you have never completed an inventory of all the things you have in your home. The members of our team will inspect and make an inventory of the things inside your home before they keep them inside a controlled and safe place. We utilize only the most reliable products, cleaners, equipment and techniques in order to effectively restore and recover all the things that are important to you. The Action 1 team works to preserve keepsakes and heirlooms during the process of restoration. The latest technology for fire restoration business has aided us with our projects to give the best results in this present times compared to the past. There are a lot of sentimental items of value that we have salvaged, yet there are times that some of the things are impossible to salvage.

Smoke Damage Cleanup Services

It is important to be knowledgeable with the type of fire that caused smoke odors before addressing these. The effect of odors can be a result of the type of chemicals and the presence of flammable substances that burned in the fire. There are various techniques and solutions that are used in treating various types of odor molecules that emerged. The required treatment and solutions should be utilized in order to counteract annoying stench. A tent will be used in some cases in which the tent is aimed above the building to undergo ozone treatment for the elimination of the odor in the entire structure.

Odor Removal and Control – Maine

fire-damage-cleanup-and-restorationElimination of residual moisture left by the water used in stopping the fire is the first step in the process. When moisture and charred carbon material is combined, it sets up a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. When this mixture is not properly cleaned, the wood will begin to rot and this will cause further damage to the structure. A professional, high powered equipment in getting rid of all the water that was left in squelching fire is what the best smoke and soot damage reparation team utilizes. Right after this process, smoke and soot cleanup should be quickly performed to be able to salvage your things and your home in Maine.

Soot Damage Cleanup

Soot is oil-based in which it spreads easily throughout the area of your home. This is why professionals use special vacuums to remove all of the soot from all of the carpets and other materials in your home. When water-based cleaner is used to clean the area, the soot won’t be dissolved and would worsen the problem. Utilizing a brush to clean the surface is a no no because the soot will sink in deeper around the material.

Steps That Should Be Done By Home Owners Right After A Fire

Once the fire department has given clearance to go into the property, it is important to ventilate the area right away. All the windows should be opened allowing air to circulate inside the area in order to dry the entire area. When the odor of smoke and soot are released, this helps in eliminating the problem.

Keep in mind that this is not a good idea if you live in a warm climate and there is a chance that there is still water in the area. The best solution for that would be to keep the windows shut and turn on a dehumidifier. In case you stay in a cold place, you need to switch on the furnace as air could take care of the work. The furnace should run consistently until there is no presence of soot.

Drapes and carpet tend to hold water, which makes them a breeding area for mold. You should work on drying them out as soon as possible. It may be required to take out all the carpets out of your home. Whenever professionals work on the process, your property could get back into its usual state.

Maine Expert Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Services

Baby mother and father happy family with golden retriever dog on carpet

Baby mother and father happy family with golden retriever dog on carpet

Our team of professionals are skilled and they have the expertise in assessing damage and preventing it to spread further. Smoke, soot and odor are three enemies that can cause a lot of secondary damage after a fire. If ever your property undergoes a minor fire, there will be smoke smell left so it is required to handle the removal of odor. It is not only unpleasant, but also potentially harmful, because various materials that caught fire went through chemical reactions that resulted in toxic compounds. Your insurer should be contacted as we work on salvaging and restoring your things and personal belongings. For any or all of these services, our team of professionals are always available to serve you wherever you are in Maine.