Montana Restoration Services For Water/Storm Damage and Mold Removal

Action 1 Restoration delivers 24/7 quality services on water, fire, storm and biohazard restoration services to all of Montana. We work with most insurance companies and are listed as a preferred provider with them. We have emergency service teams standing by for immediate water and flood damage restoration services. When water removal, extraction and dry out is required, we only use the very best equipment. If your home has some type of water leak or flooding, you are going to need water extraction and dryout services to help prevent mold growth in your property. In areas that are high in humidity, it is important to have a mold inspection if you have had any type of water damage. By having water removed and dried out fast, you help prevent mold growth after any water damage disaster. Our team in Montana not only acts fast, but can also arrange to have a mold inspection done if needed in your home.

Water Damage Restoration

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Fire Damage Restoration

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Mold Inspections & Removal



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Property Restoration Services For Commercial & Residential:

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  • 24/7 Immediate Response
  • Floors, Walls, Ceiling Dry Out
  • Cleanup Services
  • Disinfection And Odor Removal
  • Mold Prevention Services

An Overview On The Process Of Water Damage

The moment your claim has been filed, we pump out the water from your house. This is not simple as it seems. We make sure that there will be no water left behind your property as we employ only innovative equiqment upon removing the water totally. Next, we must begin the process of drying the affected areas, necessitating the use of additional specialized equipment. After this steps are completed, we inspect if your home needs some repairs in order to bring back your home into its original state. Homeowner insurance plays an important role in this entire process, as it serves to safeguard you from damage stemming from floods or plumbing leaks.

Emergency Water Damage Repair And Cleanup Estimates In Montana

In case your house has leaks or flooding, our team is skilled and experienced in preventing further issues and cope up with the issues that have begun to build up. The strategy we apply could aid you in recovering back your home towards its usual condition. Right after receiving your call, we will be at your premises in less than an hour or so as we are available 24/7. We aim to reach you right away the moment you call us. We will start on the repairs instantly right after we have dealt with your insurance claim. This damages can be controlled if you start dealing with water damage right away. This is a mean to aid you resume to your normal routine quickly. In order to keep your household safe, we will assist you in turning off your water and also electricity if needed.

Affordable Water Extraction & Water Removal Contractor

Flooding and water leaks are incredibly uncommon and when they occur, a rapid response time is essential. Mold and damp could set in once you do not remove right away all the water in your property. You need to employ a specialist water removal business to help you inspect the floorings, crawl spaces and structures of your property to guarantee there isn’t any drop of water and that all areas has been completely dry. Just a few minutes of delay could cause a lot on the structural repairs and mold treatments rather than just simply redecorating your home.

Structural Drying For Home And Buildings

There exists a clearly defined process for reacting to water extraction and restoration services, so we follow that process to make sure that we are able to take action as rapidly as possible and have every homeowner’s property dried up, clean, mold free and safe.

The subsequent techniques in assessing, repairing and preventing are as follows:

Water crawls within the deepest areas and this wet areas would dry out as time passes.
We will always inspect crawl spaces and other areas beyond where water appears to be pooling. We strive our best to carry out effective services because we know that water builds up within areas that causes permanent damage within the structure of your home.
Highly specialized water meters and equipment are required in inspecting standing water and damp areas to be able to clean the premises thoroughly.

Contractors For Sewage Damage Cleanup And Repair

We guarantee that we arrive at your house right away after receiving your call in order to attain our goal which is to help you prevent further damage caused by sewage.

The restoration process continues after we have eliminated all the water inside your home through the following methods:

– Damaged items should be removed.
– Our team work on drying and dehumidifying the areas of your home.
– We get rid of lingering smells then freshen up the areas of your home.
– We recover back your home into its original condition as it is necessary.

Best Flood Damage Restoration And Cleanup Services

It is important to work with an experienced and expert team involved with water damage restoration so as to guarantee that the process is carried out and completed the right way. We will do the work necessary to totally dry out your premises thus preventing the unhealthy growth of mold. Our team is accredited and we are proud that the techniques and equipment we use has been the most updated technologies in this industry.

Montana Storm Damage Restoration Contractors

Action 1 Restoration has handled many storm and monsoon damage restoration projects in Montana. Our professional staff is trained, certified and we have state-of-the-art equipment to help you with any storm damage disaster. Any home or business can suffer from a storm damage disaster in Montana. The Action 1 team in Montana is here to help you get your home or business back in working condition as soon as possible after suffering from storm damage.
Some types of storm damage we have seen in Montana are:
• Excessive flooding
• Water damage from the storm
• Hail damage to your home or building
• Wind Damage
• Electrical damage
• Lightning damage
• Major roofing leaks from the storm
• Potential mold issues
• And more
For immediate assistance call Action 1 in Montana today, we are just a phone call away. We will work with your insurance company in order to get your claim filed and begin the restoration process immediately. You can trust the Action 1 team has all the necessary experience and equipment to perform any restoration service you may need.

Montana Mold Inspection & Removal Services

The experts at Action 1 are experienced, professional and ready to inspect your property for mold. Whenever you feel that you have issues with mold or any other problems in your home, feel free to call us straight away. We had handled a lot of mold removal and remediation jobs in Montana. If disregarded, mold can result in serious health risks like respiratory distress or other health problems to you and your family may arise. Mold has been a serious problem and it ought to be dealt with the moment you notice that there is the presence of mold inside your house. Once you ignore this, the problem won’t be solved. A licensed company for mold should be handled by a certified company and once they trace any presence of mold, they must act right away on remediation process. Action 1 guarantees to provide the most effective results in any type of water damage restoration as we employ state-of-the-art equipment relying on the best techniques that we have.

We certainly are able to help a lot of home owners salvaging their things like furniture, appliances, heirlooms and valuable things within their homes. Give us a call immediately so we can provide you with all the details about all the services we offer.


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Action 1 Team Fire Damage Repair And Restoration Services In Montana

Fire and smoke damage can cause devastating terrible effects to you and your household. Whenever you intend to restore your home back to its usual state, you should consider the length of time in working for the damage caused by fire and smoke. We have an on call team which is available to help you file your claim and deal with the restoration process you will need for your home or office which is affected by fire, soot and smoke. We have taken pride to help a lot of property owners in getting back their home and office into its original state right after the property has experienced fires of all types. Our action 1 team has been willing to assist you any moment you need us.

Our Services For Fire Damage Repair

Smoke smell and soot damage are the worst two things homeowners wish to get rid as soon as possible after a fire. It could be complicated to return things back into their normal condition because fire affects the chemical structure of materials in the home. Further damage could worsen when you fail to use the right chemicals. This is why such fire damage repair should be handled by professionals. If you need our assistance, we will be glad to help you in this en-devour. Our team has undergone proper training and we use the most reliable tools and equipment in cleaning your property as well as the things inside your property in order to get things back into its usual state after any type of fire.

Residential & Commercial Property Fire And Smoke Damage Services:

On Site Fast
Fire Restoration And Clean Up
Fast Assessment Of Damages
Claim Filing Done For You
Environment Safe Cleaning Systems
Smoke Odor Removal And Sanitation
Protection Of Your Household Items & Goods
Water Dry Out Preventing Mold

Ways in Saving the Valuable Items in your Home or Office

To be able to come up with a documentation of the damaged items, it would be helpful to list down the items and take pictures of the items as soon as you are allowed to enter the premises after a fire disaster. When our team arrives, we will also document your items and store them safely in a controlled environment. We utilize only the best techniques, products and equipment in restoring your home and the things around your home. The members of our team aims to save all of your personal possessions including the things which has sentimental value to you throughout the entire process of cleanup and restoration. We guarantee that you get the best results in today’s restoration approach compared with that of the past which we are proud of. We have been successful in salvaging sensitive things of value to you. However, there will be times it is impossible to save all of the things.

Smoke Damage Cleanup Services

It is important to determine the type of fire that occurred to be able to eliminate the odor of the smoke. The chemical type as well as the exact mixture involved in fire along with the different materials that burned from various mixtures necessitates various type of counteractant causing the molecules to breakdown which then causes the smoke odor. The smell of smoke will not go away if the wrong ingredients and additives are used. In some cases, it is recommended to treat the area with ozone using a tent that is erected above the building as this treatment breaks down the odoriferous molecules completely.

Odor Removal and Control – Montana

The first step in the process of restoration is to remove the standing water used in stopping the fire and moisture that didn’t completely dry. Bacteria and mold could develop from charred material that has been damp or moistened. Allowed to sit for long periods in such a condition, wood rot can commence, causing additional structure damage to a home. The best soot and smoke damage professionals work to promptly remove all water from the premises by using commercial-grade equipment. The following process comes with the cleaning of smoke and soot techniques to be able to preserve precious items and sentimental possessions within your home in Montana.

Soot Damage Repair

Soot will spread throughout the area and the nearby buildings immediately because it is oil-based. To be able to lift and absorb all the soot from your carpets, upholsteries and draperies, we make use of the most powerful vacuums. Soot cannot be removed by water-based cleansers because of its oil content. Brushing can worsen the problem as this will only allow the soot to settle deeply within the fabric.

What To Do After A Fire in Montana

Once building owners have received permission from the fire department to reenter the property, ventilation is the first order of business. Check if the windows are open so there will be a lot of air to flow. Instead of keeping soot and smoke smell inside, giving it an opportunity to disperse can help to diminish the size of the problem.

However, if there is a significant amount of water left in the area, make sure that this water is removed before opening the windows when the weather is warm. In this instance, run a dehumidifier within closed windows. During cold weather, run the furnace and let the cold air do the work for you. Make sure that there are no signs of soot through replacing the filter of your furnace.

Carpet and draperies retain a lot of water that is a breeding ground for mold. The steps in drying out should be made instantly. In some cases, you may be required to remove these fabrics completely from your home. The professionals will work in restoring your home into its usual conditions once the pros arrive.

Montana Experienced Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration

We are a team of professionals that have been well-trained and experienced in finding out the cause and extent of damage incurred by any property as we aim to preserve and restore your home and the things inside your home. Even after the fire has been doused, damages in your property can arise from soot, smoke and odor. Skilled cleanup efforts are essential even after the most minor of fires in order to keep homes and businesses in proper condition. The process of preserving and restoring begins right after the structure has been stabilized. We aim to offer the most professional, most trustworthy services possible to clients during a vulnerable time in their lives. We will be pleased to serve you as we provide the best treatment and assurance any client is looking for. It is important to know about your insurance coverage in order that you won’t be surprised about any cost. We take pride that most major insurers choose to work with us as they know how we take care of our clients, yet, you need to have knowledge about the things to expect in advance. We would be glad to hear from you soon.