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If you are in Utah and need immediate water or fire damage help, don’t think twice about calling the Action 1 Restoration team today. We’re best water damage restoration provider in Utah and we deal with all of the insurance companies. You will find emergency personnel that want to help you quickly whenever you will need restoration services. The equipment that we use for removal and extraction is the latest and it we utilize all the most recent innovations resulting in effective water extraction services. In case your property has water leaks from faulty pipes or flooding, you truly need an expert team in order to stop mold from growing in your house. Although Utah has a dry environment, normally flooding can trigger mold growth and it is essential to secure your household from mold development.

Water Damage Restoration

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Fire Damage Restoration

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featuredonWe Directly Bill Your Insurance Company

Water Damage Process Overview

After your insurance company is notified, we begin working by eliminating the water inside your home using high performance water pumping devices. This is not as simple as it sounds, keep in mind we are skilled professionals. A lot of equipment is used to pump the water out of your home. The next process is to dry out these impacted areas where different air movers and dry out equipment. Following this process, you might require extra home repairs in order to fully restore your dwelling back to its original state, depending upon the level and cause of damage. This is why homeowners water_extraction_commercial_residentialinsurance is so important. It protects your home from floods and other unforeseen disasters that may occur.

Water, Flood & Sewer Damage Services For Commercial & Residential Buildings:

  • On Site Promptly
  • Direct Insurance Billing
  • 24/7 Immediate Response
  • Water Dry Out & Removal
  • Cleanup Services
  • Disinfecting & Odor Control Services
  • Mold Removal
  • Water Damage Repair


We are here to help you with any water damage emergency. Whenever you learn that your home has experienced flooding due to plumbing leaks or other issues, we’re here to help you. Our team has been trained and has the expertise in preserving and restoring homes. From the time you call us, our team in Utah will be at your doorstep within 60 minutes. We’ll assist you with contacting your insurance service provider and even help you file your insurance claim. Taking fast action is the key to preventing further damage to your property. The sooner you call us, the quicker you can get back to your normal life. We will assist you in getting your power and water turned off quickly, so we can go to work restoring your home.

Water Extraction Services

flood extractorIt is a fact that water leaks and flood can happens at any home. It is very important to take needed action in case of damage from water entering your home. Before we eliminate the standing water in your home, we need to check the crawl areas, flooring and structural foundation as a way to prevent mold from establishing in your house. Time is critical when it comes to water leaks. The quicker the leak is addressed, the better the outcome. Right after the procedure of eliminating water, we extensively dry out all the wet structures of your home to safeguard this from additional damage and mold development.

Structural Drying & Dryout

To have a successful extraction and dryout process, we work as fast as possible and utilize commercial grade state-of-the-art equipment to help with the dryout of your Utah property. We access the dame quickly to determine the proper course of action and what equipment is going to be needed. Part of the dry-out process is airing out the home and using commercial blowers to help move the air. We are testing the moisture in the air on a regular basis and using a thermal imaging camera to check areas that may be considered hidden pockets. We want to make sure your home is completely dried out before we leave. By acting fast, our team can help reduce any additional secondary damage or mold. For fast and affordable Large_air_blowers_Dryoutwater extraction and dryout services in Utah, get in touch with our team today.

We determine damages by a careful inspection:

  • Water tends to always go to the lowest levels in a home or building.
  • We examine not only the visible damage but also look carefully in other areas for water that cannot be seen. A complete assessment of the crawl spaces would be performed in order to locate all the damage that could result in an unfavorable impact on the protection of your home.
  • Our team uses special meter and other high-tech equipment to locate all of the water.


Sewage Cleaning & Restoration

We ensure that we come to your house immediately after receiving your call in order to help you avoid more damage caused by sewage. Sewage backups contain many hazardous contaminants that can be very dangerous for you and your family to be around. Our team has the necessary equipment and protective gear to clean, sanitize and restore your home or office. Action 1 Restoration will also perform steps to control and remove the odors that come along with sewer problems.

When we have extracted all the sewage water in your home, the following steps are performed:

  • We remove damaged items.
  • We dry out and dehumidify the entire home.
  • We eliminate all odors from the home..
  • We complete any repairs, including rebuilding damaged areas


Best Flood Damage Restoration Services

Flood damage restoration needs to be handled professionally by trained experts. It is imperative that a professional carries this out in a timely manner. We have to make sure that your property is totally dry in order to help stay clear of the development of mold. All our team members have been certified and we take pride in continuing education and training to stay the best in the industry.

Inspection & Removal Services for Mold

Mold_Inspection_removalThe Action 1 Restoration team of professionals provide inspections and free mold removal estimates in Utah. The members of our team are experienced and our make sure your home is free of mold. Whenever you feel that you have issues with mold or other issues in your house, do not hesitate to call us quickly. Our team has helped hundreds of customers with mold removal in Utah and the surrounding areas. If neglected, mold can result in serious health threats like respiratory distress or other health issues to you and your household may occur. The moment you realize that there may be a development of mold, this should be managed immediately, since mold is a serious concern and could compromise your health. Ignoring this, you might be risking your own health. It is best to employ a qualified company to inspect for the presence of mold and once they find its presence, they should work on the remediation process promptly. Our team is certified to give you the most accurate results readily available, considering that we use only the very best devices.

Storm Damage Restoration Services Utah

The Action 1 Restoration team provides emergency monsoon and storm damage restoration services in Utah. The monsoon period and storms in Utah can cause a lot of damage to your home in a short time. Our seasoned team can be at your home or industrial building within 60 minutes from the time you call us. We will access the storm damage, call your insurance company and start the restoration process immediately.

Some kinds of storm damage we have seen in Utah are:

  • Storm_Houses_CircleExtreme flooding
  • Water damage from the storm
  • Hail damage
  • Strong wind damage
  • Electrical damage
  • Lightning damage
  • Roofing issues
  • Potential mold issues
  • And more


Storm damage can affect any home or building. If you have experienced storm damage in Utah, contact the Action 1 Restoration team at 928.339.3093 to obtain emergency storm damage restoration assistance!

We’ve helped many of homeowner’s in recovering their furnishings, heirlooms in addition to other valuable items in the home. We are happy to assist you with your storm damage restoration needs.

Our Team Services The Following Cities For Water & Fire Damage In Utah:

Layton Provo St. George
Ogden Salt Lake City West Jordan
Orem Sandy West Valley City

Our US Service Locations

Our Fire Damage Repair And Restoration Services

Your family could experience terrible effects resulting from fire and smoke damage in Utah. Our team aims to recover your home as soon as possible once it experienced fire and smoke damage. Our team is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whenever you need fire damage repair service and restoration services and we even care for your insurance claim. The members of our team are well trained; experienced and certified. We’ll help you get your life back on track, if you’ve been affected by fire damage.

Fire Damage Repair Services

The main goal for most people after a fire is to remove the smoky odor. This is in fact a more complicated job than you might picture. If the right cleaning process is not applied, the issue might worsen. In this type of clean up, since the process is delicate, it is essential to hire specialists to handle this task. Our team of experts are experienced about the very best products, equipment and tools for cleaning up your property and restoring your office or home to the way it was before the fire happened.

Our Services For Both Residential And Commercial Restoration:

  • residential_commercial_restoration_fire_smokeOn Site Fast
  • Fire Clean Up & Restoration
  • Prompt Damage Assessment
  • Bill Your Insurance Directly
  • Environment Safe Cleaning Systems
  • Smoke And Odor Sanitation
  • Removal Of Affected And Non Affected Household Goods And Items
  • Prevention Of Mold Methods


Ways in Saving the Valuable Items in your house or Office

Taking inventory of your possessions is important. Once you can reenter the home, document items by making lists and by taking photos. Our team will be there to assist you with taking inventory in needed. We will use the best products on the market to try to restore your belonging. However some items sadly, wont be able to be saved.

Smoke Damage Cleanup Services

Removing smoke odors requires expertise about the type of fire that burned. Depending upon the mix and type of chemicals that burned and the amount of other flammable materials such as wood in the fire, different counteractants are necessary to break up the molecules that cause the smell of smoke. Our team uses the right additives to make sure all the smoke odors are eliminated. Sometimes we utilize a special tent that surrounds the home while we treat the home with ozone. Ozone is used to dissipate the odor by breaking down the molecules in the odor

Odor Removal & Control

fire-damage-cleanup-and-restorationThe very first thing to do is to eliminate the water that was used in extinguishing the fire. Moist surface areas and a lot of charred carbon products provide welcoming surfaces for bacteria and mold to grow. When left too long, wood rot begins and further damage could set in. The most efficient smoke and soot damage maintenance and repair business instantly deals with extracting water as soon as the fire is over making use of ingenious devices. The minute extraction is completed; the smoke and soot should be removed to avoid additional damage to your home and your possessions.

Soot Damage Cleanup & Restoration

Soot is composed of oil that spreads instantly to any surface. Hence, expert soot cleaners use effective equipment and vacuums developed to lift soot from fabrics and other materials. Water-based options might cause the issue to intensify and that is the reason why they are not utilized at the same time. It is never ever suggested to make use of brushes as part of the process, since friction works to drive the soot further into the substance making it nearly impossible to remove.

We specialize in the following fire restoration services:

  • Cleaning the items
  • Board ups
  • Smoke clean up
  • Removing the smell of the smoke
  • Larger or small scale fires
  • Fire on the kitchen and appliances
  • Repairing fire damage
  • Architectural damage restoration
  • Restoration of smoke damage
  • Repair for fire damages
  • Industrial, commercial and residential properties


What To Do After A Fire

electric_hot_foggerWhen the fire department gives you the okay to return to the property, the first thing that should be done is to ventilate the entire site. The windows need to be opened in order for the air to circulate around the location. This will certainly work in dispersing the odor of the soot and smoke.

It is essential that you remove the residual water prior to opening the windows. In warm weather windows have to be left closed and dehumidifiers must be turned on. When the weather is cold, the windows must be closed while running the dehumidifier. Check the furnace filter and change it whenever it gathers soot.

Drapes and carpets can hold water and may become a breeding place for mold. You ought to make every effort to dry drapes and carpets as quickly as possible. These may have to disposed of, if they are too damaged. The moment our team reaches your area, they’ll start working on the restoration of your home to its original condition.

The Best Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Team

We are skilled specialists in evaluating and avoiding more damage. Smoke, soot and odor are caused from fires. Even if your building has gone through a minor fire, the smoke scent will still be present and will need to be removed. Smoke might cause harm to your health, as different materials that burned involved chain reactions that generate harmful substances. Action 1 team of professional’s aims to supply you the finest fire damage restoration services within Utah.


Get In Touch With Action 1 Restoration In Utah And Save On Your Deductible Using Our Services

To assist minimize your expenses it is best to hire a professional repair service and restoration company in as quickly as the incident occurs. By acting quickly when water or sewage system damage happens you will lessen the chances of further damage. Water damage should be handled by a professional company. Contact the Action 1 Restoration in team today. Ask about our water & fire damage restoration insurance deductible assistance program. Our restoration contractors in Utah are fast acting and trained to help you through any cleanup and repair services you may need.