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Action 1 Restoration Environmental Asbestos Services

Blue_asbestos_wikipediaAsbestos is the single most dangerous material that has ever been used in buildings in modern times. Asbestos is a fire retardant and for several decades it was used in ceiling tiles, wall tiles and your home insulation, under the mistaken impression that it was making buildings safer.

Asbestos fibers are highly toxic and can cause mesothelioma if they are inhaled. While asbestos is no longer legal for use in buildings, many older buildings still contain tiles or insulation that is made from this material. Living or working in a building that contains asbestos may be dangerous, but it is far more dangerous to attempt to remove the asbestos based materials yourself. Disturbing the material will kick up dust and release loose fibers – inhaling those fibers could cause serious lung damage.


Action 1 Restoration Experience in Asbestos Services

At Action 1 Restoration we have the experience, tools and personal protective equipment required to safely remove asbestos from both commercial and residential buildings, and to restore the buildings to a usable state. Our team will wear respirators while working, and seal off the area that is being treated, so that it is in a negative air pressure state. This will prevent the asbestos fibers from escaping into the atmosphere. Once the materials have been collected, any excess fibers will be vacuumed up using a highly specialist, filtered vacuum cleaner.


FAC-roof-sheeting_asbestosAsbestos must be disposed of properly

If you are planning to renovate your home but you are not sure whether there is any asbestos present, it is a good idea to contact an asbestos detection and removal expert. Older properties that have not been renovated for a long time may contain asbestos, and it is a good idea to double check this before you start drilling or knocking down walls. While asbestos is sitting there un-disturbed it is unlikely to do significant damage, but as soon as it is broken, cut or drilled into the risk increases exponentially. You owe it to the health of yourself, your family, friends or employees to make sure that the environments that they are spending time in are as safe as possible. Even if the asbestos test comes back all clear, at least you will have peace of mind. Check out our Asbestos detection and removal services at Action 1 Restoration’s Biohazard Services page.