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How Hoarding Can Make Your Home Unlivable

Cleaning a house is one thing, but walking into a hoarding situation is an entirely different story. There are more things to worry about, for example, the emotional attachment to all of the items in question. Hoarded items can consist of anything from old newspapers to items collected from thrift stores. No matter what it is, it can add up quickly, and over the years it can lead to an unsanitary, unlivable situation. This situation may have affected you in many different ways, but the most common issue is the embarrassment that comes with hoarding. By hiring Action 1 however, you will find that you are dealing with a great team that harbors no judgment for the situation that you find yourself in. What has been done, has been done, and now what you need are options for getting rid of the mess that you have managed to compile.

TRAVELER DIGITAL CAMERAIt is important to determine what items you can live without, and which ones you absolutely need to get rid of. There is, however, much more to the process than simply getting rid of your hoarded items. You know as well as anyone else that while you could simply load those items into a dumpster, there is a strong chance that your home would begin to accumulate the same items within a few months. From things that you were ‘going to fix up’, to appliances that you don’t even need.

Before you can address the problem in full you will need to learn various skills, such as:

  • Clutter Prevention
  • How to Treat the Root Issue

While those may take some time, you will be glad to know that w will not only take care of your clutter, we will be able to deal with any damage that has resulted from the hoarding. Water damage, as well as direct structural damage can be addressed with our services.

There will be no judgment here — only the hoarding cleanup and restoration you need to clear out the clutter and begin living a normal life once more. Now would be a great time to take a look at our services and get on top of the issue before it consumes your life further. We understand that these things do not simply happen overnight. There is always a story, and there is always a reason; let the Action 1 Restoration hoarding cleanup team help assist you with cleaning, sanitizing and restoring your home.