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Sewage Backups and Overflows Can Be Considered A Biohazard

Sewage backups can be a distressing, frustrating and unhygienic problem. If a septic tank or sewer system starts backing up into your plumbing then the first thing that you will notice is a bad smell and after that you may notice that your own plumbing drains slowly, or that the sewage backs up into your sinks. This is a sign of a serious problem and can also lead into a biohazard situation.

sewage_water_pipeSewage can contain a lot of biological hazards – not just kitchen waste but also urine, feces and other biological waste, as well as items that have been flushed down the toilet or thrown down drains. There have even been incidents noted of sharp needles being disposed of in the sewer system. These are not items that an untrained person should be handling.

At Action 1 Restoration we are specialists in handling biohazard restoration and disposal. We handle everything from medical waste and crime scenes to sewage backup cleanup & restoration. Our team of experts will respond quickly to your call, sanitize the area and identify the cause of the problem. After clearing up the visible sewage and treating any bad odors they will test the area to make sure that all contaminants are truly gotten rid of.

Action 1 Restoration can handle septic tank overflows and sewer system flooding caused by anything from local sewer problems to flooding or other natural disasters. We will respond to call outs any time of the day or night, and will dispose of contaminated soft furnishings and attempt to sanitize and restore any furnishings and other possessions that are salvageable. Check out some of our services here to learn more.

Do not take chances with the health of yourself and your family by trying to sanitize an area that has been contaminated by sewage by yourself. You have no idea what is in the sewage and if you do not have the correct personal protective equipment you could be opening yourself up to the risk of developing a serious infection. In addition, even if you are lucky and mange to clean up the sewage problem without falling ill, if you do not identify the cause of the sewage issue and completely clean up the area, you could find that you end up with more problems in the future, such as repeated sewer issues, or damp, mold and mildew.

Contact Action 1 Restoration to deal with sewage or other biohazard problems in your home or commercial property.