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Fire Damage Is Not Common, But It Can Happen To Any Home or Business

Occurrences of fire in residential properties and commercial buildings are inevitable problems. However, many families and business owners continually suffer property damages due to fire. Fire is relatively easy to prevent; fires can be prevented unlike storms, hurricanes or floods. Nevertheless, the damages brought by fire are almost irreversible. Practically everything that stands in its way will be charred to cinders. In many cases, depending upon the amount of damage, a new building must be built. If fire damages are not too extensive, people can resort to fire damage restoration.

residential_commercial-fire-and-smoke-restoration-servicesAfter a fire, a building or residence is likely to suffer both fire damages and water damages. That is why most companies providing fire damage cleanup services often include water damage restoration in their package. Only professionals should attempt to restore fire damages. There are standards involved in repairing damages brought by fire. The company or firm should be associated and recognized by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Services.

Qualifying individuals will receive an IICRC Certification. Aside from the IICRC certification, technicians need to receive employee trainings and continuing training to update their knowledge. The IICRC is the most encompassing training and certification. It certifies that the technicians has sufficient knowledge and training to take care of odor, mold, sewage, carpet cleaning, water damage, smoke damage and fire damage. Excellent fire damage restoration services are able to provide emergency restoration services to their clients. Some restoration services train homeowners on what to do to maintain their newly restored home.


The Fire Damage Restoration Process Starts With An Inspection.

After the damage has been assessed, the restoration team will temporarily board up charred walls and windows for security. If the roof has been severely damaged, then a temporary tarpaulin will be provided as the temporary roof. Then all remaining water in hard to reach areas such as pipes will be removed. The entire area will be dried. Soot and smoke will be removed thoroughly. Only after the clean-up would the area be repaired and then restored. If restoration and repair is not possible, the company will opt for replacement of destroyed or damaged parts.

fire_smoke_damageThe fire damage restoration team will consist of fire and water damage technicians, odor control technicians, smoke remediation technicians and fabric cleaning technicians to restore upholstery.


Preliminary Home Cleanup After A Fire

After the fire and after our initial assessment, we will begin the initial steps of cleanup of your home or business. The black and brown stains and soot can leave a permanent mark if not cleaned immediately. The flame will also cause acid residues to discolor upholstery and appliances. All items that can be washed and scrubbed should be done so immediately.

If the fire was put out by water, we also start scrubbing the affected areas on walls, floors and ceilings immediately. We Dry the area thoroughly. The effects of extensive damages brought by not cleaning affected areas will be more expensive to restore. However, if you do not want to risk damaging your walls and furniture items accidentally, then it is best to call Action 1 Restoration immediately to address your concerns. The cost will depend on the area and extent of damage. Your insurance will cover the fire damage in most cases, but since we work with most insurance companies, we can help you with this step. Check out the Action 1 Restoration fire damage services by visiting our fire damage page here and you can also find a location closest to you here.