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fire_smoke_damageOne of the most devastating things that can happen to any building is a fire. In addition to the irreparable damage to the burnt items, the rest of the location will have damage from smoke and heat. It is important that this damage is fixed as soon as possible. If your home or business has been damaged by fire, you need to get professional help in restoring the building.

The first thing you need to do is contact your insurance company. A representative should be able to tell you how much coverage you have in getting the damage repaired. In addition, the company may have experience with certain contractors in your area that are experienced in this specific type of fire restoration. You need to know how the payout from the company will work, if the money will be given to you, or if they will pay the contractor directly. Having this knowledge will help you in the hiring process.

Where To Find Professional Fire Damage Restoration Companies

Look online to find companies in your area that specialize in fire damage restoration. This type of damage is far different to treat than that from floods or time. Even if a business is experienced in some types of restoration, if they do not know how to deal with fire damage, you need to find a different contractor.

You should have a list of potential people to hire before you begin the elimination process. Begin that by going to a consumer review website like Angie’s List. Here, regular consumers post their experiences with businesses all across the country. It will give you a great idea of their customer service and how well they perform the tasks necessary for restoration. Make certain you use a site that does not take any advertising dollars. Otherwise, you may be getting biased information.

firedamageicon1You should also check that the company has the proper certifications like: the IICRC, the BBB and is licensed, bonded and insured. All of these provide a level of protection and ensure that you are dealing with a professional company. Generally, this information is easily visible on their website and other advertising.

Why Hire A Professional Company For Clean Up And Restoration

When you have found three to five companies that fulfill all of these requirements, you should call each of them and ask for a written estimate. While the representative is there, pay attention to their demeanor and ask questions. Eliminate any from consideration if the person is rude or appears uninformed about fire damage. After all, this is your home or business and you deserve the best service. Make certain that the estimate clearly states what services will be covered. You want to avoid surprise expenses once the restoration process has begun.

The damage from a fire can be quite extensive and problematic to deal with on your own. It is best if you allow a professional company help you with the restoration process. By investigating the potential companies and getting quotes from a few of them, you are more likely to find a contractor who can fully restore the damaged areas.

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