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Natural disasters can often cause damage to property due to water intrusion. When this happens, it is essential that all sewage and water be removed from indoor spaces as soon as possible. Though it is possible to do this on your own, it really does pay to enlist the assistance of a professional sewage damage restoration firm. The article that follows below explains some fundamental facts about the restoration process and the things you should keep in mind when choosing a damage restoration firm to help solve your problem.

Water pouring down on wall in abandoned room in pripyatWhenever you experience water damage, you need to make certain to hire a restoration company that possesses actual experience in the precise type of situation you are facing. When the first call is place to the damage restoration firm, it should be made by someone who has seen the seriousness of the damage first-hand. Restoration professionals classify water damage into the type that has been done by clean water and the type that has occurred due to the intrusion of contaminated sewer water. If a company is not told about the specific damage that has been done, they may not know how to properly address the issue, and they may not provide an accurate assessment of the cost over the phone. Sewage damage or black water damage restoration requires a difference cleaning process vs clean water restoration. Thus, black water or sewer water damage will have a higher cost to properly clean and restore your home.

Water damage can also fall into the category of “black water” damage. This involves the intrusion of actual sewage back-up due to problems with the sewer system itself. To repair this kind of damage, special restoration methods will be used and certain types of machinery will be put to work. Because different types of damage require different approaches, it is critical that detailed information be given to the restoration professionals right from the start.

Ultimately, water intrusion damage can be a tough circumstance to face, but by securing the aid of the right restoration professionals, you can be assured of getting your home back to normal in relatively short order. To find one of our locations that is closest you, visit our locations page today and find the city and state this is close to you.