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The degree of air moisture cannot be simply detected unless with the help of certain tools. Although molds are only visible in large and clustered amounts, mold removal should be practiced regularly in homes, schools and offices. Molds are disturbing mainly because of the dark stain they leave and potential health risks that mold has. When there is already a foul odor, it means that the molds are releasing a significant amount of spores into the air.

mold_growth_cleaningIn individual amounts, these spores are invisible to the naked eye, but they cause a host of respiratory damages. In large amounts, spores look like powder. Adults may experience sneezing, coughing, wheezing, sore throat, eye irritation and itching, chest tightness and skin irritation, since the spores can also settle into the skin. Those spores are the reproductive mechanism of molds. If they land on a cool, dark and damp surface, then the spores will grow and spread into molds.


Dangers of Mycotoxin Mold

Some molds, however, are deadly. Some species release mycotoxins with their spores. These mycotoxins can cause neurological damage by traveling through the nose to reach the brain. Mycotoxin molds thrive underneath kitchen counters. Households with children and babies, daycare centers and schools should undergo monthly mold inspections because children are more sensitive to the harmful effects of mold spores.

Houses that have suffered from flooding are also at risk of harboring mycotoxin molds. Even after the house has been dried out, molds will still continue to grow due to the spread of spores and the present air moisture available. Houses with inadequate ventilation also promote the growth of mycotoxin molds.


Mold Assessments & Inspections

Before mold remediation, a mold assessment is performed by a cleaning company to pinpoint the source of molds and what encourages them to grow. The common areas where molds thrive are in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, attics and closets. If your house has mild growth of molds, then an excess of air moisture could be the main cause of it. An effective home DIY remedy is wiping the mold with white vinegar since acetic acid destroys mold. Let a dehumidifier run for 3 weeks and check if there is regrowth of mold in the same area.

moldremIf there is, then it is time to have your house checked professionally to remove molds. The moisture may be coming from the ceiling because moisture can pass through walls and ceilings, therefore increasing the growth of mold even if there is no visible source of moisture.

If molds are not removed, they can permanently stain the surface they thrive on. Molds usually have “roots” that enable them to penetrate the surface they live on. Simply put, molds are not simply sitting on the surface.

In some countries, mold remediation and checkup should be done after every winter or rainy season. Melting snow can make the air more humid. Plus, the water can seep into the walls of the basement. A 3 feet by 3 feet area of mold growth can be cleaned by a non-professional. If mold growth is larger than that area, then a professional should be called. Mold remediation cost depends on the surface area and location of the mold growth. To learn about our mold remediation and inspection services, visit this page.