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What Is the Water, Flood And Sewer Damage Restoration Process?

vac_panels_for_dryingIf you have recently had a flood at your home which has caused considerable damage, you might want to consider finding a reputable water damage restoration company to help you get everything back to normal. Our team is able to replace boards, sheet rock, and other components of your household that have been damaged by the flood waters that were once in your home. Whether this was the result of natural flooding, or plumbing issues within your household, we are fully qualified to repair the damage that has been done. Let’s take a look at what the water damage restoration process is and how we will be able to restore your home back to a livable condition.

Loss Assessment And Evaluation

Before we can actually begin to do repairs, we must fully assess what type of damage has been caused by the flooding. We will begin documenting what we find, noting each and every place within your home where the damage has occurred, and assess how much it will cost to repair. Proper assessments are made possible by referring to the industry-standard pricing guides which will help us complete the evaluation. Once done, you will see how much damage was done, and based upon our assessment, what it will cost to have everything repaired.

Categories And Classifications Of Water Damage

Depending upon the type of flooding that has occurred, the assessment will be based upon one of three categories that specifically outlines possible water damage within the home. Category one references clean water damage, flooding that is caused as a result of water supply lines being broken, faucets, and even toilet tank and bolt problems. Category two refers to water damage that has left contaminants which may lead to future illnesses for those living in the household. Once referred to as gray water, it refers to washing machine flooding, floods caused by dishwashers, or the presence of urine in the flood waters. Category three is the worst type, referring to water that is contaminated as a result of flooding from streams and rivers. It can also refer to water that has feces in it, or if some time has passed, standing water that now has the potential for developing microbial growth. This can further be classified in one of four categories which referred to how extensive the water damage actually is. Based upon this information, we can then assess what type of procedure to use to dry the interior of your home.

Removing The Water From Your Home

After we have assessed the property and the damage caused by the water, one of our very first steps is to remove the water from the home. Acting fast to remove the water is one of the most important steps to help avoid additional damage to your home and personal belongings. We use state-of-the-art commercial grade water extraction equipment that can pump thousands of gallons of water out fast. We also utilize thermal imaging devices to detect any pockets of water that may have been missed and moisture meters to test the moisture in the air. Once the water has been extracted, we then begin to dry out your home.

Procedures For Drying Your Home After A Flood

highest water removal capacity in the industryIn most cases during the dry out process, we will use commercial grade heaters and fans to begin the drying process. Depending upon the category of the flooding that is determined, sanitation and sterilization procedures must also be used. Things that are not salvageable will be added to the total cost of the restoration of your home and belongings. Once the process is complete and the moisture, humidity and temperature of your home has returned to normal levels, the equipment used for the water damage restoration process can be removed. After this, repairs can begin, allowing the homeowner to rebuild from the damage that has been caused by the flooding that occurred.

You can find Action 1 Restoration in the phone book, on the web, or your insurance company will recommend us as a water damage repair company. We must act quickly in order to prevent additional damage that can occur including dry rot, and the development of mold, mildew and disease. If you ever have a flood occur, it’s always a good idea to have our phone number. Now that you know the procedure that must be followed by a water damage company after a flood in your home, you will know what to expect in this part of the restoration process.

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