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Why Black Or Gray Water Needs To Be Removed And Cleaned By A Professional Restoration Company

Flood Water(Black Water) Water Removal

Flood Water(Black Water) Water Removal

There are specific procedures for removing black or gray water after flooding. It is important to remove this type of water immediately because of the many contaminants that the water carries. Some of these contaminants may be pesticides, petroleum products, heavy metals or even human feces. Any building that has been breached by black water will require professional restoration from companies such as Action 1 Restoration.

Black Water Removal From A Flood Or Sewage Backup

A company that performs black water restoration after a flood will be required to have its employees wear rubber gloves that are impermeable. The employees will also be required to have a suitable respirator so that they do not breathe in contaminated particles or spores. Another important piece of equipment will be their protective eye-wear. Before eating, drinking or performing any other hand to mouth operations, they will need to wash their hands with plenty of soap and hot water.

The most important thing that a restoration company will do is to remove any standing water immediately. Excessive standing water can be mechanically extracted by a wet vacuum or a pump. Any remaining small amounts of water can be mopped up by hand. All black water that has been removed from any building will need to be discarded in a sanitary sewer system. If such a system is not available the restoration company will need to hire the services of a septic waste transporter.

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The next step will be to dry the area quickly. This will help to prevent the spread of bacteria and mold. All contents in the buildings such as draperies, furnishings, etc. should be removed. Any item that is salvageable should be cleaned, wrapped in plastic and finally stored in a humidity controlled storage area. They humidity will need to be less than 60% so as to prevent mold from growing.

If the cleaned items are required to be stored on the site, they should be stored in an area that is enclosed and away from any further contamination. It is preferable to store these items in a location that is not on-site, if possible. Items such as important papers and files can be cleaned, dried, photocopied and then discarded. All other wet files and paperwork should be immediately destroyed. To prevent further contamination, you can use plastic curtains and other such items to enclose and contain specific areas from other contaminated areas.

Commercial Air Blowers Used to Dry OUt Your Home

Commercial Air Blowers Used to Dry Out Your Home

Experience restoration companies like Action 1 Restoration will use an air mover or vacuum with a HEPA filter. This type of filter will provide a negative pressure that will help to keep contaminants contained. This HEPA system should be continually run during the removal of any contaminated material. It also should be run during all days of cleaning or treating of the building. All of the air should be exhausted to the outside of the building.

Only qualified and experienced workers from the restoration company should be allowed inside the contaminated area. All of these workers should make sure that they do not take potentially contaminated shoes and clothing into non-infected areas of the building or structure. Before entering a clean area, the workers will be required to thoroughly wash their hands.

Any contaminated porous material will be hazardous to a person’s health and will need to be removed. Porous materials such as press board, drywall, paneling, cabinets, insulation, carpet underlay, carpets, draperies, and gypsum board should be removed to the point of at least 24 inches above the contamination line. All this material will need to be double bagged and sealed for proper disposal. These are just a few of the many important procedures including water removal, that a qualified restoration company will provide for any home that has been contaminated with black or gray water. Find one of the A1R local locations near you – []

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