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What Kind Of Equipment Is Used For Water Damage & Extraction

Cleaning up water damage and restoring a home back to normal takes a lot more effort than simply pumping water out. You have to use the right equipment or else the job may not be completed properly. Far too many people simply use buckets or another method to remove water that has flooded a home and basement. A bucket can get most of the job done, but it takes a long time to remove water by hand. Equipment designed to pump water out of a home is what you are going to need to help clear a home from water damage. Read ahead about the equipment we use for water damage restoration.

hydro_x_xtreme_water_extraction_vacWater Extraction Equipment

First of all it takes the right kind of extraction equipment to get rid of water in your home or business fast. You are going to need a pump that is heavy duty. We have exactly that and more. Therefore, you are going to want to contact our professional organization for your help. There is no reason why you should go elsewhere, or why you should try and remove the water on your own. For all you know you are going to complete the job incorrectly, and then you will be behind on getting your home back to normal.

We also possess other equipment that can aid us in the extraction process. You have to take into consideration where the water needs to go when it is being extracted. Many people have no answer to this and simply put the water in their backyard, or in their sink. The flood from a water is an insane amount, this is why you want to dispose of it properly. Allow us to extract the water and dispose of it properly so that you do not have to worry about damaging your home further, or violating sanitation laws.

Some of the equipment we use in water extraction:

  • Flood King
  • Mega 3
  • Dry-Eaz
  • Water Claw
  • Dry-Eaz Rover

These are just a few of the commercial grade water extraction and removal devices our team can and will use to help remove the water from your home or business.

Water And Flood Clean Up

Extracting the water is only have of the process of cleaning up a home that has been damaged from a flood. The most important aspect of cleaning a home is using the right equipment to remove and prevent mold. As a company that specializes in water restoration, we have proven methods that minimize the amount of mold that builds up in your home from a flood, and know what to do to remove any that has appeared as a result of the disaster.

rover_hve_effecient_water-extractionOur team is trained to provide outstanding assistance whenever possible. We can answer your questions, clean your home properly, and let you know what methods you can practice to ensure the flood does not cause any long term damage. We have equipment and knowledge with how to test for this sort of thing. The value we hold as a company is in our ability to provide you with a sense of security about the condition of your home. We are honest and upfront with what you should expect. Call or message a representative and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience to schedule an analysis of your home. If we are available, we may even be able to help you the same day we come out to survey the land.

Now is the time to call us if you have just suffered from a flood or another type of water disaster. The longer you wait the more risk you are putting your home in. It’s not a good idea to leave water in your home for an extended period of time. You are just allowing mold to buildup, and the water to damage the foundation of your home. Take action soon and you can go back to living in your home normal again once our team is through.

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