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What Kind Of Equipment Is Used For Fire Damage

After a fire, there are residual soot deposits everywhere as well as water damage. That soot contains carcinogenic materials that make your home unsafe to live until the cleanup process has been completed and water logged carpets or wood flooring can quickly become infested with mold. In addition, entire portions of your home or business may need to be replaced and it is vital that the supporting beams remain strong. Using the proper equipment for fire damage repair and restoration is vital after a devastating fire.

Cleaning Up After A Small Fire

ULV Puremist Wet FoggerAfter a small blaze that is quickly put out with no substantial damage, clean up is relatively simple. Make sure that windows are open and the area you are working in is well-ventilated, simply use a sponge and high-alkaline detergent to wipe up surface soot. Be sure to rinse well since the cleaning solution may cause painted surfaces to breakdown.

Fire Damage Clean Up Equipment After A Large Fire

Larger fires tend to leave a thicker layer of soot. To remove the damage, professional often use blasting equipment. There are a variety of types that include:

* Low pressure sandblasting.
* Dry ice blasting.
* Sodium bicarbonate blasting.
* Steam power washing.
* Rubber blasting.
* Application of chemicals.

Equipment Used For Fire Damage Repair And Restoration Of Curtains And Upholstery

electric_hot_foggerSoot is oily in nature which makes it hard to remove from curtains and upholstery. Don’t use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to get the soot out of household fabrics. Instead, use an industrial powered vacuum cleaner to suction the soot out instead of spreading it further into the material. By putting the nozzle close to the fabric and allowing it to remain in one spot for a period of time, the vacuum will do most of the work for you.

Equipment Used For Fire Damage Repair And Restoration Of Carpet

A heavy duty extraction machine is your best bet to clean your carpet. When the carpet has both soot and water on it, the more powerful the machine, the better off you will be. By removing both, you’ll eliminate musty odors and prevent mold from growing. The sooner you can dry your home out, the better off you will be in the long run.

Using Fire Restoration Equipment Safely After A Fire

unsmoke_fire_smoke_chemicalsKeep in mind that electrical systems may be damaged during a fire. In addition, if the area you are working within is still wet or damp, you should take the necessary steps to ensure your safety before you begin working. In some cases, the best choice may be to hire professionals who provide their own power for the cleaning process. In fact, when damage is extensive it may not be feasible to repair and restore your home after a fire without help.

With modern equipment and chemicals, it is possible to restore your home after a fire. Select chemicals that will break down the soot, use blasting equipment after a larger fire, and dry your home to prevent mold. For small or large fire restoration services in Arizona, you need a professional team that can help you from start to finish.


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