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Welcome To Our Arizona Storm Damage Page

There are so many different causes of water damage that can leave home and business owners struggling to clean up the damage and return to normal life. The specialists at Action 1 Restoration understand how challenging this time can be for customers and work diligently to get their repairs professionally done as rapidly as possible. The business has specialists available 24 hours a day, so consumers never need to wait for regular business hours. Best of all, the company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work. Our team of contractors are trained to handle residential and commercial storm damage restoration services in Arizona.

Common Monsoon Damage Restoration in Arizona

Roof damaged by waterMany people do not realize that there is a monsoon season in Arizona that spans the entire length of summer. Huge storms can erupts carrying dust, debris, and water. High winds coupled with these elements can wreak havoc on power lines, buildings, and much more. The damage done to homes and offices from the initial storm can be quite extensive.

In order to minimize any further damage, it is critical that the owners and others responsible for the building obtain assistance from storm damage specialists as soon as possible. Otherwise, toxic mold and mildew may begin to grow and wood rot. The team can also treat bacteria and other odor causing elements, reducing the impact and memories associated with the sudden and dramatic event.

Repair and Restoration of Storm Damage Services in Arizona

Storms are an inevitability in virtually every part of the world. Some come on suddenly, leaving high levels of water and uprooted debris in the aftermath. The high winds associated with storms are a common cause of broken windows and damaged walls. This can lead to indoor flooding which requires immediate removal.

When outdoor waters flood inside rooms, the effects can be devastating. Carpets and untreated woods readily absorb the contaminated water as does furniture and virtually anything else it comes in contact with. The water from storms may contain sewer water, gasoline and oil, and a variety of bacteria. For the safety of everyone in the home, these need to be cleared out and cleaned immediately.

Hail Damage Repair in Arizona

Just as storms can create extensive damage to buildings, hail can be equally devastating. While smaller balls of hail generally do no harm, as the size increases, so does the chance of harm. Large balls are easily able to break through glass windows and can damage other structures as well. The rain that accompanies hail then has a direct route to get inside of buildings, soaking everything in the room.

In particularly bad storms, people may even find that multiple rooms in a building have sustained damage due to hail. The specialists at Action 1 Restoration can remove any remaining hail and extract all of the water that has soaked into the carpeting. The professionals will assess the entire area and provide suggestions on the best way to proceed.

Affordable Repair for Residential Water Damages – Arizona

fixing_ceiling_damaged_by_waterMany people depend upon the professional teams at Action 1 Restoration to handle all of their storm damage needs. Not only do we provide dependable service around the clock, we do so at incredibly affordable rates. Our customers are pleased with the quality of service we receive at these highly competitive rates.

In addition to having fantastic prices, Action 1 Restoration offers a money back guarantee so that our customers can rest easy, knowing that their money is well spent. The company is dedicated to providing the highest quality service so that consumers need not worry about having to cash in on this offer.

Our Team Submits Storm Damage Insurance Claims – Arizona

In addition to the dedication to high quality water damage restoration services, Action 1 Restoration has a team that can handle storm damage insurance claims. When a person or family has suffered the devastating effects of a storm or monsoon, it can be overwhelming. We understand that and we do everything possible to help our customers through this difficult time.

For those who have insurance, filing the claims for storm damage cleanup can be another headache on top of problems like finding clean drinking water and shelter. The company is more than happy to perform all of the restoration services and claim submissions to minimize the stress on our customers and to help them resume daily life.

Arizona Devastating Monsoon Damage

In the state of Arizona, devastating monsoons and intense storms can create major damage to buildings. Some of these even have hail, compounding the damage. It is important that home and business owners have this water damage treated immediately for health and safety reasons.

Our professional technicians at Action 1 Restoration are available around the clock to assist customers struck with unexpected storm damage. We want you to be 100% satisfied with the services you receive from the Action 1 team and we even offer insurance deductible assistance.

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