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Common Causes Of Fire Damage

When it comes to fire hazards and the more common causes related to fire damage it may be of importance to understand the potential damages that occur in different areas of the home or a building. Here are some of the most typical causes relating to fires in residential, industrial or commercial properties. You can also check out this website to see additional causes of fire causes.


residential_commercial_fire_smoke_damage_restorationEven the smallest candle can relate to major fire hazards and dangers. Most candle related incidents relating to fire damage start from negligence on where the candles are placed or from a open wind that causes the candle to catch fire to close by items such as curtains, papers or other items of furniture.


Many individuals underestimate the dangers of electricity as there is generally no type of visible flame involved. Blown fuses, hot sockets and over warmed plugs are all potential hazards that can easily cause a fire to spread.


One of the most common fire related incidents are the association to cigarettes that have not been extinguished correctly. Other dangers relating to cigarettes are when an individual falls asleep with the cigarette still lit in bed or throwing a lit cigarette into a dustbin full of dry items such as newspapers.

Typical Causes of Fire Damage in Different Rooms in the Home


Most fires that start off in a bedroom are caused from the misuse or abuse of certain electrical devices. These types of electrical fire hazards are usually due to extension cords or plug sockets that have been overloaded. Heaters are a major concern in the bedroom area as they may often be placed near flammable items, clothes or linen increasing the risk for a fire to occur.

The Kitchen

fire_demageThe kitchen in a home or business setting can pose a number of potential fire hazards. Combining elements such as water, electricity, grease and open fires are high risks relating to fire hazards. Fires caused by fats, oils and grease are often common causes when unattended. These types of dangers can easily set the entire room on fire within a very short period of time.

The Garage, Basement and Attic

Most of these areas have become a popular area for storage purposes and relate to potential fire hazards when flammable liquids such as gasoline are stored. Other items such as combustible papers, books and old clothes should be stored away safely to prevent a fire hazard. In addition worn electrical boxes or cords may present fire hazards which can be easily avoided.

Fireplaces and Heating Devices

These are generally planned with the purposes of generating heat and become highly hazardous when not controlled and maintained in the correct manner. Fireplaces without the use of a screen can allow sparks to land on flammable objects quickly resulting in a fire. Heaters should always be placed within a safe distance to prevent any fire hazards.

Typical causes of fire damages can easily be avoided with the right education and care when dealing with electrical and fire fueled items in a building.

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