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Different Types of Biohazard Risks

But the risk of biological hazards isn’t limited to controlled environments like hospitals. Almost any home or business can unexpectedly face a dangerous biohazard. They can be the byproducts of crime scenes, suicides or unattended deaths, hidden drug or meth labs, or other unforeseen events. More common home problems such as mold growth or damage from sewage also pose biological risks. And asbestos used in older building materials, while technically not a biohazard because it’s an inert substance and not a living organism, presents the same type of risks and challenges. Its removal must be addressed in the same way as with any other biological hazard.

The remediation is not something you can take care of by yourself. Only experienced, specially-trained technicians like the pros at Action 1 Restoration can provide biohazard restoration services to remove the dangerous substances and return your house or business to a use-able state. Here are some of the situations you could have to face without warning, and how we can help.

Asbestos Restoration

As we’ve mentioned, asbestos is not officially classified as a biohazard since it’s not “alive.” That small distinction doesn’t really matter if you’ve discovered that the cancer-causing substance was utilized in the building of your home or office, because asbestos is one of the most hazardous construction materials ever used.

There’s really no way to perform asbestos abatement and restoration on your own because the process is difficult, dangerous and detailed. Our service professionals are fully trained in removing this toxic substance safely and effectively with full adherence to all government regulations and requirements.

Using proper protective equipment at all times, we will seal the affected area with polyethylene film and negative air pressure, remove the asbestos-containing material while vacuuming up all fibers with HEPA-filtered asbestos containment vacuums, and dispose of all contaminants in a safe and government-approved fashion. We will also handle correspondence with authorities and your insurance company. Once the asbestos has been removed (or in some cases, encapsulated to prevent exposure), we will work with you on any restoration or rebuilding which must be performed.

The discovery of asbestos in your home can be terrifying. Professional asbestos restoration by Action 1 Restoration can quickly eliminate the worries which come with the knowledge that there’s dangerous material in your living space.

Mold And Sewage Damage Cleanup

It’s a rare homeowner who hasn’t discovered a little mold in their house, whether it’s growing in a pantry or a humid bathroom. The real issue, though, comes when you discover significant mold growth in a home or commercial property. That’s when you have a significant biohazard on your hands and need professional mold remediation services. This involves full removal of the toxic mold spores and the toxins they create by disposing of all affected material (such as carpet or drywall) and HEPA filtration and vacuuming. Our technicians are fully trained in all steps needed to clean up and restore an area infested by mold.

An even more dangerous problem is damage from sewage backups or overflows due to major toilet backups, septic tank or sewage line breaks, or flooding. Sewage often contains bacteria and germs, pathogens carried by blood or other substances, and even hazardous materials like sharps or needles. Sewage damage cleanup is considered a serious biohazard issue which must be addressed by professional remediation services like Action 1 Restoration.

We’re able to fully restore your home or commercial property after a sewage problem, including the discovery and disposal of all biohazards, the categorization of damaged property, the decontamination of the affected area, and the complete drying of all floors, walls and other parts of the building which have been damaged – restoring the contaminated area to a livable condition again.

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All of these biohazards situations cannot be left for “later", they are serious dangers which need to be addressed by professionals with experience and need to be addressed immediately. That is why Action 1 Restoration can provide biohazard restoration services within minutes, day or night, we are just a phone call away.


Drug Lab And Meth Lab Cleanup

Thanks to television crime dramas and news stories, it’s well-known that drug and meth labs can explode. But even if the labs don’t explode, they create a toxic stew of biohazards and chemicals which can contaminate the entire area where drugs have been manufactured – not only the lab itself, but the building’s plumbing, ventilation and septic systems as well. That’s why Walter White and Jesse Pinkman always wore protective gear while cooking on “Breaking Bad.”

Often, police discover illegal drug labs as a result of investigation. However, it’s also possible that you find a meth or drug lab location on your own; perhaps a home you’ve purchased had previously been clandestinely used to manufacture drugs, or a tenant or relative has been using a portion of your property as a meth lab without your knowledge. Once authorities have dealt with the legalities of the situation, you’re left with a big problem: the cleanup of the biohazard which remains.

Trained professionals from Action 1 Restoration are able to handle the situation from start to finish. The area will first be sampled and tested to discover what contaminants exist and the extent of the hazard. Then all hazardous materials will be removed and incinerated, unsalvageable items and debris will be disposed of properly, and the entire area will be fully decontaminated. Finally, another round of testing will ensure that no biohazards and toxins have been left behind.

Drug and meth lab cleanup isn’t easy, and it is regulated at federal and state levels. Action 1 Restoration is fully prepared to successfully take care of this messy problem while meeting all governmental standards.

Crime Scene Restoration and Cleanup

No one expects their property to become a crime scene. The shock and trauma of dealing with an assault, murder, home invasion or other type of violent crime can be overwhelming. What makes things even worse is that these types of crimes often create biohazards because of the blood or other bodily fluids (or even toxic materials such as tear gas) which remain after police and rescue officials have left.

Even non-violent deaths can create biological hazards. A suicide, or an unattended natural death which goes undiscovered for a period of time, can result in blood contamination or the growth of dangerous bacteria, and lead to major health risks.

There’s no way that survivors, relatives or property owners can realistically deal with these situations, both because of the trauma they’re suffering and the delicate cleanup process that’s required. A restoration specialty known as “CTS Decon” – crime and trauma scene decontamination – has been developed just for these occurrences.

Specialists at Action 1 Restoration can provide CTS Decon sensitively and professionally. Wearing federally-approved personal protective equipment, we first survey the site to assess the hazard. We then remove all visible hazardous material, as well as contaminated rugs or furniture for proper incineration. The remaining material and furnishings are inspected, and either removed from the property or decontaminated and sanitized as needed. Biological tests are then run to make sure there are no invisible contaminants left behind. If odors or stains still remain, we can remove those as well.

Crime scene restoration and cleanup is one of those specialties which is difficult to discuss, but can unfortunately become necessary. We’re prepared to provide it, 24 hours a day.