Newly Established Restoration Company Partners With Arizona Contractors

Action 1 Restoration is a newly established restoration company that offers a wide range of restoration services to residential home owners and commercial business owners across the nation. The 24-hour immediate response teams will be standing by to respond to emergency calls and ensure that fire and water damages will not lead to secondary damages.

Upon knowing that plenty of people are in need of restoration services in Arizona, Action 1 Restoration partnered with an Arizona contractor. The company’s alliance to this Arizona contractor is made to improve its ability to provide immediate and prompt emergency restoration service to all businesses and residents in the Arizona area. Clients in the area are assured that they can get the restoration they need to prevent any water, flood, fire, smoke, and sewer damage from causing further damages.

This new alliance has made it easier for the company to deploy emergency response teams to people in need of restoration services at the most critical times. The state of the art restoration equipment used by the team and restoration and repair professionals ensure that the job can be done within a short period of time so that households can get back to their normal life and businesses can get back to their normal operation.


Newly Established Restoration Company Partners With Arizona Contractors

Providing direct billing to all the major insurance companies, clients no longer need to worry about the hassles of paper work and multiple insurance claims. Within a short period of time, any water, flood, fire, smoke, and sewer damage can get fixed, and people no longer need to worry about getting their insurance claims filled. The Arizona company bills your insurance directly.

This partnership company is part of the BBB, IICRC, ACAC, and the Arizona ROC. This new alliance company aims to help residential homeowners and commercial business owners in Arizona secure their property and at the same time, prevent further damages and deterioration to the structure. After the fire has been extinguished, the 24-hour immediate response teams will prepare an inventory of your household contents. These household contents will then be stored in a controlled and safe environment.

As for water damage, this new alliance, provides full water restoration services to commercial and residential structure owners in Arizona. Action 1 Restoration and its partnership with local businesses have created a 24-hour immediate response team that is standing by for immediate flood and water damage restoration services.

This new alliance is comprised of professionals that employ new restoration techniques that can save various sentimental and valuable items from water and fire damage. Even if some items seem to be beyond repair, Action 1 Restoration in Arizona professionals and local contractors can help get them fixed. You can also check out Action 1 on youtube at

About Action 1 Restoration

Action 1 R­estoration­ is a 24 h­our emerge­ncy water,­ fire, flo­od, sewage­ and smoke­ damage re­storation ­company. O­ur goal is­ to provid­e an all i­n one serv­ice for bo­th residen­tial and c­ommercial ­clients th­at need re­storation ­repair or ­cleanup se­rvices.

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