Getting Stains And Odors Out Of Your Home After Suffering Smoke Damage

Tips For Removing Stains & Odors From Your Home

After a home experiences smoke damage, that damage can become worse if you fail to address things right away. The sooner cleaning begins, the sooner the damage has a chance of being wiped out completely. Your two choices for clean up include doing the work yourself, or hiring professional smoke damage revivalists to do it for you.

Professionals cost money, but they have the expertise needed to clean up all degrees of smoke damage. They have the right equipment and techniques for the job. Still, professional cleaning services are not always covered by homeowner’s insurance. Unless your smoke damage is severe, you may want to attempt to do the cleaning yourself.

Steps You Can Take For Odor Removal

First get air circulating thoroughly and freely throughout the home. Open your windows and use plenty of fans to do this as frequently as possible. Make use of an odor eliminator like Odoban to keep air as fresh as possible and get rid of stale smoke smells.

Now, take care of removing the black smoke damage done to any of your home’s walls. You want to use TSP, which is a strong cleaning solution designed for such damage. You need to mix the TSP with water, scrub the solution on your walls, rinse and repeat the process if needed.

Next, you want to address the blistering done to your walls by the smoke. Scrape the blisters off using a putty knife, and then sand the area down. The remaining gaps on the wall can be filled in with Spackle. To finish, sand the wall again before painting it.

You will have to put some effort into cleaning up smoke damage on your own. However, the days or hours put into this are an investment in improving the quality of your life and your home following a fire. With these tips and some additional work, you will be able to get your home smelling fresh again. You can also hire an experienced company like ActionOneRestoration for smoke, soot and odor removal after a fire.