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Why Choose Action 1 Restoration Services!

Mold is a common fungus that is present in every residential or commercial structure. Because of this seemingly normal occurrence, people often dismiss a mold growth infestation as a minor issue. Unfortunately, there is more to it than just harmless visible mold discolorations on the drywall.

What people must know is that these mold spores become airborne spores affecting the air quality, which can trigger sneezing, coughing, and other allergic reactions. In fact, the worst type of toxic mold can have bad health effects and even lead to deadly neurological conditions. It is important to get rid of these fungal growths.

Action 1 Restoration takes pride in providing effective mold cleanup services. We only use state-of-the-art equipment and methods to guarantee customer satisfaction. Our team is also composed of trained professionals to make sure that all mold-related health risks and mold damage is properly addressed.

Mold remediation or removal is the process where mold is meticulously removed from surfaces through various equipment and methods. Due to possible health and safety hazards, cleaning should only be performed by professionals with experience.

At Action 1 Restoration, we believe in a structured mold detection and remediation process. We begin with identifying the source of the fungal growth (usually a water leak), then proceed with addressing the issue from there. Usually, mold is caused by an accumulation of water damage which made its way into the building through cracks on walls and ceilings. Without properly identifying this issue, the mold issues will never come to an end.

While the mold is being removed, spores are released into the air in significant quantities affecting the air quality. Thus, our certified team makes sure that the contaminated area is completely isolated from the rest of the home to prevent further dispersion of these airborne contaminants. We also use High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters to continuously purify the air as we work towards indoor mold cleanup. And to ensure sanitary standards, our team is likewise mandated to wear appropriate clothing and gear throughout the mold remediation process.

How Our 6 Step Cleanup Process Works

Comprehensive Solutions for Mold Detection

Mold Inspection & Testing

Mold inspection and mold testing is a vital step towards total mold eradication. Mold inspection requires an on-site visit from our team of professionals. This service will help the team identify the cause of the mold growth and mold spores, as well as locate the contaminated area(s). Our team can then recommend the appropriate mold removal plan which will best address the issue.

Our mold testing service helps in determining the structure’s moisture levels and indoor humidity. It must be noted that areas with high humidity levels tend to cultivate and hasten the growth of mold. Thus, testing is a necessary procedure to help keep the moisture and humidity levels within acceptable limits. To guarantee success, it must be conducted both before and after remediation. The Action 1 Restoration team of contractors, only uses the best equipment available to ensure accurate readings and results. Your HVAC and heating systems will also need to be inspected and potentially cleaned from potential airborne mold spores that traveled into your air conditioning ducts and system. This will help ensure the air quality of your home is in general working order.

Mold Disinfection

At its onset, mold infestation is not always visible to the naked eye. However, there are tell-tale signs like respiratory conditions, allergies and other health effects which should alert homeowners to potential signs mold.

Through state-of-the-art sprays, air sterilization techniques, mold disinfection effectively reduces the chances of being in contact with these contaminants. This process also prevents further structural damage to the property by stopping the growth and spread of the fungus.

Mold disinfection may also be availed of as a post-remediation step. This guarantees that the entire structure will be completely sanitized and free from any mold spore residue. Action 1 Restoration offers thorough mold disinfection services to meet our clients’ varying needs.

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These mold issues cannot be left for “later", they are serious dangers which need to be addressed by professionals with experience and need to be addressed immediately. That is why Action 1 Restoration can provide mold remediation services within minutes, day or night, we are just a phone call away.


What are the Costs Associated with Mold Abatement?

What is the Average Cost for Mold Removal?

The average cost for mold remediation is between $1,100 and $3,300 or even more depending on the cause of the mold, how many rooms are affected, the size of the cleanup area and the materials involved. Your actual costs may be lower or higher and it is difficult to give an estimate over the phone without being able to see the extent of the damage.

What Determines the Cost of Mold Remediation?

We are unable to give you a cost over the phone, our team needs to be able to see the amount of damage and the areas affected in order to give you an estimate. Our team provides free estimates for mold removal, but here are some of the factors that determine the cost:

  • Cause of the mold (moisture source)
  • Area and rooms affected
  • Equipment & supplies needed
  • Damaged materials & that need removed
  • Contaminated materials clean
  • Type of materials needed
  • Building materials needed for restoration (like flooring, drywall or carpet)

What is the Average Cost of Mold Mitigation by Room?

There are typically rooms that are more susceptible to mold exposure and damage than other rooms in your home. Some of the common rooms that are more likely to be affected are: attics, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, basements and walls. These are just some average cost of individual rooms in your home and the actual costs can be lower or higher depending on the factors.

  • Air Ducts: $800 – $2,100
  • Attic: $1,200 – $3,800
  • Basement: $500 – $3,000
  • Bathroom: $550 – $1,400
  • Kitchen: $500 – $10,000
  • Walls: $500 - $1,800

Does the mold type like black mold affect the price?

Our mold remediation process is the same regardless of the type of mold, but with black mold there are other precautions and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is needed to ensure your family is protected and our team members. Since there are extra precautions needed, additional cleaning and disinfecting to remove black mold or toxic mold, there may be an extra cost. Our team has removed all types of mold and we will provide you a full estimate for the mold cleanup job.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I rent my home or business property?

If you are renting your home, apartment or condo, you need to get in touch with the homeowner and have them call Action 1 Restoration. Legally without the homeowners or commercial buildings owner consent, we can not enter the premises and provide any work in your home or office. Once the property owner reaches out to our local team, we can start the mold removal process immediately to restore the property.

Does insurance cover mold remediation?

Depending on your insurance company, the cause of the mold problem and your insurance policy will determine if your insurance company will cover mold mitigation. We try to work with your insurance company to get the damage covered, but your insurance provider will be able to instruct you on if it is covered or not. Our technicians will take before and after pictures of the site to help submit the claim to your insurance company.

Do you have local contractors near me?

Yes, Action 1 Restoration has local partnerships and contractors near you. We have local teams all over the United States that are close by and service your entire city.

Action 1 Restoration provides emergency mold abatement services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for residential and commercial properties. If you are experiencing any type of disaster, our highly trained team can help you with some of the best solutions. Get in touch with our pros today.

Do you provide free mold estimates?

The short answer is Yes, we provide free mold remediation estimates. The reason we provide estimates is because we have to be able to see the affected rooms and the extent of the damage in order to provide you with what the cost is actually going to be. Some of our offices are able to provide inspections and testing other offices will refer you to an expert that charges for the inspection and testing. Please get in touch with your our local office near you. Learn more about mold remediation vs removal