Commercial & Residential Mold Inspections

A Trusted Partner for Mold Services

We know how traumatic it can be when your business or home is ruined by fire, mold or water. We at Action 1 Restoration are the partner you can count on during those trying times. We’ve been helping families, businesses and homes for decades now. Call us for questions or for a free estimate.

When should a mold inspection and mold testing be considered?

When Its Needed?

Action 1 Restoration cares about your health and welfare. We know how risky it is for your health and peace of mind when faced with water damage or high concentration of mold particles in the air. Immediately give us a call when you detect high levels of humidity, someone in the family has frequent respiratory allergies, when you see unusual stains in your walls or when you suspect water penetration.

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Tools & Equipment Used

Our water damage and mold remediation services have been cited to be some of the best that Americans can get. By using the right tools and equipment, we are able to locate areas of mold infestation in our customers’ homes. Our state-of-the-art instruments enable us to know where mold growth or water intrusion is happening so we can properly address the situation with the correct equipment.

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Recent Water Damage

When it comes to water damage, you want someone with the right skills and experience to handle it for you. Our team has some of the most competent people in the industry, so you can be sure that we will do things the right way. Our goal is to get your home or business back on track as fast as possible so your life can return back to normal before the emergency even happened.

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Cost for Inspections

We have some of the most affordable services, and we make sure that everyone gets value for their money. We offer packages and discounts, so that in the end, you not only maximize the power of your money but also get the best possible remediation or clean up for your home or business. Mold inspections are not necessarily free, but we offer free mold remediation estimates.

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Why Choose The Action 1 Team For Inspections & Testing

Mold Inspection and Testing Is Warranted if:

  • A family member has developed allergic reactions. Symptoms include itchy eyes, sneezing and runny nose. Check if the symptoms are experienced after staying in a particular area of your house.
  • You need to ensure that moisture sources have properly been sealed after an intervention has been implemented on a known mold or water problem.
  • You are about to buy or rent a new home. You want to make sure that house is mold-free and does not have any water system issues.
  • There are members of the family that are highly susceptible to health hazards associated with molds. At high risk are children, the elderly, the chronically ill and those

The Mold Inspection Process

There are two types of mold inspection – complete and limited. Complete mold inspection includes a visual assessment of the whole building, its components and its systems; measuring of humidity, temperature and moisture; and gathering of mold samples.

In contrast, the limited type focuses only in inspecting a specific part of the building. Mold samples are also taken for laboratory analysis.

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Why Choose Us

Action 1 Restoration guarantees customer satisfaction through advanced mold removal methods and technology. We prioritize our clients’ health and safety, so we make sure to fully restore and thoroughly disinfect affected areas. The mold inspection and testing is usually not free, but we provide our customers with a free mold removal and remediation estimate.