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Commercial & Residential Wind & Hail Damage Services

Nature can throw all kinds of powerful weather disturbances at us, and the only thing we can do at times is to just cover up and hope for the best. Both wind and hail can be highly destructive; capable of destroying both the inside and outside of dwellings. It is important that when your property gets damaged by either wind or hail, you should find a way to have it fixed immediately. If you are looking for the best-quality wind and hail damage restoration out there, Action 1 Restoration is your best option. With a solid track record for high-quality service, they will have your house restored in no time.

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Exterior Damage

Action 1 Restoration is the authority when it comes to restoring exteriors ravaged by wind or hail. We have experts on staff that will help you return your house back to top shape. From assessing the level of damage to fixing the house itself, we make sure that the job is done right.

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Interior Damage

Interior damage caused by wind or hail is considered as an emergency because of the dangers it might cause. If you are in need of interior repairs after a storm, Action 1 Restoration can help you out. Our professional service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Cleanup and Repair

Cleanup is a difficult process after a storm. Before wind and hail repair can commence, cleanup is a necessity. Action 1 Restoration provides expert cleanup services to facilitate the rehabilitation of your home. We complete cleanup and repair at the soonest time possible, and we do so at the right price.

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Insurance Experts

Action 1 Restoration also provides insurance solutions for house repairs. We offer different kinds of insurance covers for your home. We work with all insurance companies to ensure that future restoration costs shall remain within your means. We will even help you file your claim in the event of an emergency.

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Why Choose Action 1 Restoration For Wind Damage & Hail Damage!

Commercial & Residential External Damage

A property’s exterior can take a serious beating from strong winds and/or a hail storm. The roof could sustain serious damage or even get blown away by strong winds from a tornado or hurricane. Meanwhile, hail can basically destroy everything on its path. Roofs, walls, windows, gardens, garages, and warehouses are often left battered by a barrage of falling ice. Both wind and hail can cause serious external damage to properties, and the damage is sometimes so severe that it warrants emergency action.

If you are in need of external repair for your property due to wind and hail damage, Action 1 Restoration is the name you should trust. With our vast experience in restoring damaged homes, we can help you get your property back into top shape.

Commercial & Residential Internal Damage

There are some situations wherein wind and hail are devastating enough that it can even cause considerable damage in the inside of the house. Windows can get shattered. Doors can get broken open. Walls can have cracks in it. Roofs may develop leaks. Floors may end up flooded. Internal damage in your home leaves both people and property inside it vulnerable to both natural and man-made forces. At the same time, it can lead to more damage if left unchecked.

Cases such as this are often considered as an emergency right away. It is important for the property owner to take action right away if there’s internal damage caused by wind and hail. Action 1 Restoration has both the tools and know-how to get the inside of your home fixed as soon as possible.

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