The A1R Water Damage Restoration Proven Process

Commercial & Residential Water Damage Services

If you are experiencing water damage caused from appliance malfunctions, frozen pipes, broken pipes, failure of a sump pump, foundation leaks, heavy rains or a power failure, call Action 1 Restoration today. Our experienced team of professionals are available to respond to any emergency big or small, any time of the day or night. We aim to minimize your damages in the fastest way possible.

All our technicians are highly qualified and trained in handling areas such as flooded basements, building materials, carpeting, hardwood floors, ceilings or drywall. We specialize in professional restorations and can assist you in minimizing water damages and we prevent the spreading of mold growth, odors and airborne bacteria. Find one of our locations near you for fast water or flood damage repair services.

Fast Response

We work with some of the best local contractors in your area to provide fast and emergency response services to help restore your home or business. By having a fast response team and arriving to your property promptly after you call us, enables us to prevent further damage, eliminate any potential threats and lowers the cost of water removal, dryout and repairs.

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Why Choose Us?

Water and flood damage to your home or business is always an unexpected disaster, it is important to know you have a team like Action 1 Restoration and our partnered contractors at your disposal to assist you during this disaster. In some areas our team of experts provide us a 30 min response time after the initial phone call. Rest assured we have you covered, day or night, we'll be there.

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Experience Matters

When it comes to water damage restoration emergencies, we are specialists and understand the importance of emergency services and fast response times. We use state-of-the-art equipment to help with extracting the water and drying out your home or business. We also use special tools to help test the moisture in the air to help prevent mold growth.

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Free Estimates

By contacting the local Action 1 Restoration team today, you can get a free water damage repair estimate. Any type of water damage problem you have can be potentially costly and stressful. Our team is here to help you any way we can. Depending on the quantity of water, how much damage there is and what work is needed, you may be unable to use your property or business.

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Why Choose Action 1 Restoration Services!

Water Damage Repair

Whenever your home is under the threat of water damage, caused from either leaks or flooding, our teams have the necessary expertise in mitigating or preventing the types of devastating effects caused from water damages. We aim to assist you in preserving your home and provide innovative and effective techniques in restoration. We have the skills and the equipment to handle challenging situations regarding water damage. In addition, you can call us twenty four hours a day for a speedy response to your water damage emergency. Our repair services will include drying, disinfecting and deodorizing your damaged and flooded areas. Find out about some additional ways to deal with residential water damage.

Some of the equipment we use for water damage work will include the following:

  • Hygrometers, moisture meters and various other meters in order to determine the extent in your moisture saturation
  • Gas powered and submersible pumps for continued water removal pumping
  • Portable and truck mounted units used for efficient methods in water removal

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Water damage disasters can happen at any moment and you need an expert reliable team to help you. These disasters can and will happen when you least expect them to, we are here to help you. We help you with the disaster and dealing with your insurance company.