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This aging process in infrastructure is often accompanied by deterioration of facilities. Houses and offices inevitably face some degree of water damage. For homeowners, this means that they should have cash reserves to cover the expenses of repair and restoration. For business, this means strictly following a certain protocol when repairing a building or office in order to pass a standard. Your insurance company will cover different water damage claims, depending on the type of insurance policies you have and what caused the damage.


Water Damage Causes

storm_damaged_roofWater damage happens from two main reasons generally, a broken pipe or from a storm causing a flood. Flood can be caused by storms, hurricanes and accumulated melted snow. However, broken pipes can also cause flooding. Flooding due to pipes is harder to deal with than flooding due to rain. Damaged pipes can cause unnoticed pool of water to accumulate in areas that are difficult to see and reach. Flooding can happen on the second floor and rot the ceiling of the rooms in the first floor.

Water damage is also caused by holes and cracks in the roof that allow water to leak and accumulate in your ceiling. If water damage restoration was done unsuccessfully, then leaks will occur again. Molds and mildew love to thrive in damp places. They usually indicate the presence of undesirable water or humidity. Walls and ceilings that have persistent mold growth require thorough checking and monitoring. They can indicate a clue to accumulated water spots. Basements are particularly more prone to water damage than the rest of the home. Go to this page to learn more about our water damage restoration services.


Cost of Water Damage Repair

Water damage restoration cost depends on the volume of water to be removed and area to be treated. If water damage has affected electrical circuits and gas pipes, then calling an electrician or technician is advisable. The bulk of the price will come from the replacement cost provided by the company. If there is not much to be replaced, then the height of the scope of water damage will [affect|contribute to] the price.

The type of water also contributes to water damage repair cost. Removal of clean or clear water due to leaky ceilings is cheaper compared to removing grey water. Grey water may contain biotoxic and hazardous waste so a more expensive cleaning machine is used. Black water is the dirtiest type of water to deal with. Water from sewage systems and muddy floods is considered black water.

After water has been removed, water restoration companies will dry the room with an industry-grade dehumidifier. The number and different types of equipment that are used in the restoration process can also affects the cost. If moisture is not completely removed from a repaired area, mold and mildew can grow. To be sure about the cost, contact the damage restoration company on how to get a free quotation.


Water Damage Restoration Tips

If flooding is caused by rain, immediately move the furniture to the second or third floor. As soon as flood has subsided, mop the floors with water and a disinfecting solution and wipe the walls that were submerged by the flood water. If you have carpet flooring installed, contact a professional water extraction service provider. Things that have been damped by water should be dried as soon as possible. Do not leave wet furniture, upholstery, books, old photographs and carpets lying inside the house. Dry them outside under the sun.