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Why Choose Action 1 Restoration Services!

Whenever your home is under the threat of water damage, caused from either leaks or flooding, our teams have the necessary expertise in mitigating or preventing the types of devastating effects caused from water damages. We aim to assist you in preserving your home and provide innovative and effective techniques in restoration. We have the skills and the equipment to handle challenging situations regarding water damage. In addition, you can call us twenty four hours a day for a speedy response to your water damage emergency. Our repair services will include drying, disinfecting and deodorizing your damaged and flooded areas.

Some of the equipment we use will include the following:

  • Hygrometers, moisture meters and various other meters in order to determine the extent in your moisture saturation
  • Gas powered and submersible pumps for continued water removal pumping
  • Portable and truck mounted units used for efficient methods in water removal

Fast Response Services

We work with some of the best local contractors in your area to provide fast and emergency response services to help restore your home or business. By having a fast response team and arriving to your property promptly after you call us, enables us to prevent further damage, eliminate any potential threats and lowers the cost of water removal, dryout and repairs.

Here When You Need Us

Water and flood damage to your home or business is always an unexpected disaster, it is important to know you have a team like Action 1 Restoration and our partnered contractors at your disposal to assist you during this disaster. In some areas our team of experts provide us a 30 min response time after the initial phone call. Rest assured, we have you covered, day or night, we'll be there.

Experience Matters

When it comes to water damage restoration emergencies, we are specialists and understand the importance of emergency services and fast response times. We use state-of-the-art equipment to help with extracting the water and drying out your home or business. We also use special tools to help test the moisture in the air to help prevent mold growth.

How Our 6 Step Restoration Process Works

Comprehensive Solutions for Water Removal & Dry Out

There are a number of steps involved in our water extraction methods used which will include the following:
  • Once our specialists will be able to investigate and survey every area of your property in order to determine the exact extent of damage present
  • Once you have approved the quote and agreed to the water extraction services we provide, we will quickly get to work in extracting every trace of water from your home. Any water that has been left to stand can lead to bacteria, mildew and mold growth. We prevent any type of secondary damages as we use dry down techniques to efficiently eliminate all signs of excess water
  • We follow up with a dehumidifier to extract any damp air which can relate to mildew and mold growth. This damp air is a breeding ground for bacteria growth

Structural Drying

In previous years, water damage would usually mean you would have to dispose and remove your belongings from your home after a disaster such as water damage. This would mean removing parts of the wall in order to locate structural damage and moisture pockets. This process related to high costs and time consuming methods.

Today, we offer a far better solution. The processes we use aim to effectively and quickly dry your walls and structures.

These principles will include the following aspects:

  • Extracting water using specialized and advanced tools
  • Evaporating any moisture with the use of air movers
  • Dehumidifying and drying damp air in order to stop any second damages
  • Maintaining the correct temperatures used for de-humidification and evaporation techniques

We use this method of rapid drying as the most effective method to date in the successful elimination of water and moisture in your exterior and internal structures. This process can quickly restore your home to a livable environment.

Sewer & Flood Damage Cleanup

Sewage and flood damage are both considered black toxic water. Black water or toxic water can be very dangerous and requires a different restoration and cleaning process different from a pipe breaking in your home. If you experience water damage accompanied by a burst sewage pipe or backup, it is extremely important to only use a professional company like us to assist you in this dangerous situation. In the event of being exposed to raw sewage, it is advisable to remove your family from the home until sewage mitigation methods have been administered. Our team will be using and wearing full safety equipment and hazmat suits to perform sewage mitigation cleaning.

Once our highly trained team has extracted all traces of sewage and water our restoration process will include the following:

  • Removal of any damaged items for restoration
  • Drying and de-humidification
  • Odor removal
  • Rebuild, repair and restore your home

Every drying and mitigation technique is carried out by our trained and qualified technicians. We have managed to help thousands of homes each year in restoration and helping families get back to their lives as quickly as possible. You can also check out the Action 1 Restoration Blog for additional prevention tips and what to do after you have had water damage strike in your home or business.

Common Causes of Water Damage and Additional Services

Cracked or Burst Pipes Damage

burst pipes damage

A pipe bursting or breaking is one of the most common plumbing system problems in a home. When a pipe bursts from water pressure or extremely cold weather, the water can cause a lot of damage to the property in a short period of time. The effected areas can be behind the walls, in the kitchen, in the attic, in a bathroom or even under the house causing the slab to leak.

Pipes can break or burst for several different reasons, some of the most common causes pipes get damaged are listed below:

  • Pipes are old
  • They are rusted
  • High water pressure
  • Pipe damaged
  • Frozen pipes
  • Expanding pin hole
  • Clogging in the pipes

We Use Specialized Equipment

If your appliances malfunction or you experience a burst pipe, you need a contractor that has all the necessary renovation equipment and knowledge to restore your home. Removing hundreds of gallons of water from your property and dealing with the damage, requires the use of commercial grade equipment. We take advantage of these specialized tools to eliminate the water & dry out the property. The visible water on ground is only part of the problem that needs to be addressed when you suffer from water or flood damage. We have the necessary tools to discover concealed pockets of water behind your walls and baseboards. We make it a point that our local teams and partners have the necessary equipment to do the job correctly the first time.

Appliance Malfunctions

appliance malfunction causing a water loss

There are certain appliances in your home that are known to cause extensive water or flooding damage in your home or office. Some of the appliances that are known to cause such problems are:

  • Water heater
  • Air conditioning unit
  • Fridge
  • Dishwasher
  • Washing machine
  • Water softeners

Contact Our Local Team for Flood Damage

basement flooded with water

When it comes to floods from a natural disaster like a storm, you want to remember safety first and to make sure your family is safe. Heavy rains that enter your home can have devastating effects .

When it comes to floods, the water is usually gray or black, which contains harmful microorganisms and contaminants. Generally the process is the same for flood restoration as water, but the protective gear used for sewage would be the same. It will also require proper sanitation and cleaning to ensure the bacteria has been eliminated.

Attic Water Leaks

attic & ceiling damage

There are several different reasons you may be experiencing water damage problems in the attic or ceilings of your home. If you see any water stains, this is a sign of a potential water leak and can happen from the following: roof has a leak, burst pipe or air conditioner leak.

Depending on how severe the leak is, there are several consequences to an attic leak and may need some or all of the following repairs: the roof may need repaired, attic beams replaced or repaired, new insulation insulation, repair of damaged drywall in the ceilings below, replacement of flooring or other interior items affected by water damage and may need disinfecting to prevent mold growth in the attic. Call our expert team to help you today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I rent my home or business property?

If you are renting your home, apartment or condo, you need to get in touch with the homeowner and have them call Action 1 Restoration. Legally without the homeowners or commercial buildings owner consent, we can not enter the premises and provide any work in your home or office. Once the property owner reaches out to our local team, we can start the process immediately to restore the property.

How does direct insurance billing work?

Once you call our team and provide our staff your insurance information, one of the team members will call your insurance company with the details while our local partner team is on route to your home or business. They will provide any emergency services needed like turn off the water or power and assess the damage. Once the work has been completed, our local partner team will submit the claim to your insurance company.

Do you have local contractors near me?

Yes, Action 1 Restoration has local partnerships and contractors near you. We have local teams all over the United States that are close by and service your entire city.

Action 1 Restoration provides emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for residential and commercial properties. If you are experiencing any type of disaster, our highly trained team can help you with some of the best solutions. Get in touch with our pros today.

Do you provide free estimates?

The short answer is Yes, we provide free estimates, although many of the calls we receive are for restoration emergencies that require water removal, dry out and full mitigation services.

Any room in your home or business can be affected, although there are rooms in your house that are more susceptible to getting damaged. Some of the most likely rooms in your home to experience problems are:

  • Basements
  • Attics
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry Rooms
What is the average water damage cost?

Many customers we work with frequently want to know what the cost of the water damage cleanup project is going to run for his or her home. There are a number variables that may impact the cost and in many cases, they are insurance policy claims. To get an idea on how our local specialists present an approximation, you must understand about several considerations that determines the quote. First of all, you will need to realize that many water damage disasters are due to freezing or burst water pipes. A considerable factor is the level of water that needs to be extracted and the dry out time to dry the property. The one thing you’ll want to take into account is that water can result in substantial damage not only to the roof and basement, but additionally to your ceilings, furniture, appliances, carpets, cabinets and walls. You can experience more than one hundred gallons of water in 24 hours from a moderate break in a significant water pipe in your home.

When you are evaluating the damages, room by room, make a comprehensive list of all your affected items to submit to your insurance company. As you are inventorying your damaged items, make sure you get the following: when you bought it, exactly how much it cost, serial number and how its ruined. If you have receipts, attach them to your list.

  • Alabama: $2,550
  • Arizona: $2,860
  • Arkansas: $2,500
  • California: $3,420
  • Colorado: $2,920
  • Connecticut: $3,060
  • District of Columbia: $3,250
  • Delaware: $3,160
  • Florida: $4,400
  • Georgia: $3,220
  • Idaho: $2,640
  • Illinois: $2,980
  • Indiana: $2,900
  • Iowa: $2,500
  • Kansas: $2,460
  • Kentucky: $2,900
  • Louisiana: $2,720
  • Maine: $2,500
  • Maryland: $3,190
  • Massachusetts: $3,430
  • Michigan: $3,000
  • Minnesota: $3,630
  • Mississippi: $2,550
  • Missouri: $2,900
  • Montana: $3,000
  • Nebraska: $2,500
  • Nevada: $4,910
  • New Hampshire: $3,000
  • New Jersey: $3,350
  • New Mexico: $2,710
  • New York: $3,180
  • North Carolina: $2,950
  • Ohio: $2,860
  • Oklahoma: $3,020
  • Oregon: $2,870
  • Pennsylvania: $3,200
  • Rhode Island: $2,500
  • South Carolina: $2,940
  • South Dakota: No data
  • Tennessee: $2,800
  • Texas: $3,280
  • Utah: $3,020
  • Virginia: $2,590
  • Washington: $2,920
  • West Virginia: $2,500
  • Wisconsin: $2,670
  • Wyoming: $3,000

Major Insurance Companies Our Local Contractors Work With

State Farm
Liberty Mutual
The Hartford
Farmers Insurance
Allstate Insurance
Allied Insurance

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