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It may be very difficult to think about the devastating effects that a fire can cause to your home. Even very small fires can be a major danger to your family as well as cause extensive damage to your property. When you are faced with such an emergency trust our teams to respond to your emergency with experience and care in restoring your home and your life back to normal as soon as possible. As industry experts of damage fire services, the Action 1 Restoration team is here to help you.

We aim to secure your home and at the same time prevent any further deterioration and damage to your property. After the fire has been extinguished, we will prepare an inventory of the household contents where these items will be stored in a safe and controlled environment.

Our team specializes in the following services:

  • Content cleaning
  • Board-up services
  • “Soot” Clean Up
  • Removal of Smoke Odors
  • Larger scale fires
  • Kitchen fires
  • Reconstruction after fire damage
  • Structural damage
  • Smoke damage
  • Industrial, residential and commercial properties

How Our 6 Step Fire Restoration Process Works

Comprehensive Solutions for Fire Damage Cleanup

Saving Your Personal Items

Restoration techniques used in this day and age have resulted in the saving of various valuable and sentimental items as well as saving of the actual building components. Even when some of the damaged items look like they are beyond repair, you will be surprised as to how we can restore these items nearly back to their pre-loss condition.

From appliances to family heirlooms to furniture to computers, our team is dedicated in using a fire restoration process and techniques to help save many of your items of personal value instead of you having to replace them. We use certain steps to clean these important items and try to save as much as we can.

Odor Removal & Odor Control

One of the most important aspects of fire restoration will include eliminating any types of hazardous odors as well as refreshing the home back to its natural ambiance. Items in the home may have undergone a number of chemical changes from direct exposure to intense heat and fire. This chemical change leaves behind dangerous odors which can be extremely unhealthy for you and your family members.

If you are exposed to these types of odors for an extended period of time you may experience symptoms such as shortness in breathe or even suffocation. These odors will be extracted from your home with the use of professional fresheners and baking soda to assist in absorbing these odors out of your items. Odor control after a large fire or water damage disaster requires a lot of work to get the smells out of your home.

Soot and Smoke Damage Mitigation

We have the experience to assess your personal situation and begin with stopping any further secondary damage from occurring in order to secure your home. This is followed by soot and smoke clean up. This is followed by restoring and repairing processes. We aim to provide you with top rated professional services to assist you in the effects after a fire.

Smoke Restoration

It is extremely important to remove any bubbles in your paint on your walls, as well as any Black smoke stains for your cleanup process. This process is generally a simple task and all that will be needed is to repaint the walls. However, the walls will need to be scraped down, sanded which will then be followed by a coat of paint. Any charring that may have occurred on any of your wood frames may require replacement when the wood material has changed in structural integrity. In addition, discoloration may have occurred due to the scorching of any wood structures. Our professional team is skilled in removing any soot and then sealing these imperfections with types of wood cosmetics. Cleaning smoke and soot damage should be handled by a professional company as there are many dangers even after the fire.

Soot Damage Cleanup

Fire restoration will include the services of “soot damage clean up”. These methods will include saving items in your home that can still be used, methods such as sponge cleaning, vacuuming and washing may assist you in deciding which items can be saved and which may need minor repairs or discarding. Damage clean up for soot damage can be utilized on marble, porcelains and fabrics.

Fire damage repair conducted by our highly trained and skilled team members can save you the heartache of losing items of value and restoring your home to a livable condition. Devastating marks left from the smoke and fire can easily be erased, which will assist you in your time of trauma and emotional pain. These methods can help you and your family look forward to a new start in your restored home.

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Fire damage remediation cannot be left for “later", they are serious dangers which need to be addressed by professionals with experience and need to be addressed immediately. That is why Action 1 Restoration can provide fire restoration services within minutes, day or night, we are just a phone call away.


Cost of Fire Damage and Common Causes

What does fire damage restoration cost?

The national average of fire damage restoration costs was around $22,200 according to The average cost to restore your home after fire can range from around $3,000 up to $30,000 or even more. Some of the variables that affect the cost of fire damage cleanup are:

  • Cause of the fire
  • Types of damages (Cosmetic, Structural, Personal Items)
  • Size of the home (rooms damaged)
  • Specialized equipment needed
  • Air ducts cleaned and repaired
  • If Fire and water damage are both needed
  • Materials needed (Structural damage, flooring (like carpet), kitchen cabinets, roofing etc)
  • Repair and reconstruction needed

What are the Common Causes of Home Fires?

These are some of the main reasons home fires happen. Even small fires can cause a lot of damage in a short period of time. It is important to get your home restored as fast as possible to minimize additional damages.

  • Kitchen fires
  • Candles
  • Smoking
  • Oil or grease fires
  • Electrical fires
  • Lightning strikes
  • Area heaters
  • Malfunctioning electric blankets
  • Creosote buildup in chimneys and fireplaces
  • Fireworks
  • Fryer fires
  • Smoker fires
  • Christmas tree fire
  • Grill propane tank fire

How long does fire restoration take?

Fire damage restoration can take anywhere from a few days up to weeks or even months to repair your home and restore it back to its pre-loss condition. The amount of time all depends on the amount and severity of the damages. If there is a large amount of structural damage, this will take longer to restore your home.

If other services are also needed like water damage repair, this will extend the time it takes to cleanup and repair your home or business property. Our local partner teams take every effort to get you back on your feet as soon as we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I rent my home or business property?

If you are renting your home, apartment or condo, you need to get in touch with the homeowner and have them call Action 1 Restoration. Legally without the homeowners or commercial buildings owner consent, we can not enter the premises and provide any fire damage work in your home or office. Once the property owner reaches out to our local team, we can start the fire cleanup process immediately to restore the property and your personal items.

Does insurance cover fire damage restoration?

In most scenarios, your insurance policy/company will cover fire damage of your home or office. Once you call our team and provide our staff your insurance information, one of the team members will call your insurance company with the details while our local partner team is on route to your home or business. Our team will provide any emergency services needed like turn off the water or power, board-up windows and doors, and assess the damages caused by the fire. Once the restoration work has been completed, our local partner team will submit the claim to your insurance company.

Do you have local contractors near me?

Yes, Action 1 Restoration has local partnerships and contractors near you. We have local teams all over the United States that are close by and service your entire city.

Action 1 Restoration provides emergency fire mitigation services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for residential and commercial properties. If you are experiencing any type of fire and smoke disaster, our highly trained team can help you with some of the best solutions. Get in touch with our pros today.

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes we provide free fire damage estimates. We need to be able to see the property and extent of the damage so we can give you a quote on what it will cost to restore the home back to its pre-loss condition.

Any room in your home or business can be affected, although there are rooms in your house that are more susceptible to getting damaged from a fire. Some of the most likely rooms in your home to experience problems are:

  • Kitchen
  • Family room
  • Living room
  • Bedrooms
  • Attic
  • Floors
  • Ceilings
  • Surfaces