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What is Content Cleaning?

The content in your home simply refers to the personal property that you keep inside. This can mean furniture, picture frames, figurines, toys, electronics, planters, and pictures. Items that have been damaged beyond repair may not be able to be cleaned. However, belongings that were less impacted by fire and smoke can be gently and effectively cleaned by restoration professionals. By using state of the art cleaning equipment and the right cleaning methods, they can bring life back to the items that you cherish the most.

Most content cleaning can be done on-site with specialized equipment. In the event that some items need special attention, most restoration professionals can take them to climate-controlled locations for safe cleaning. This will ensure your belongings are taken care of and not at further risk of damage. With either cleaning method, you'll find that your things look and even smell better once they have been detailed by an experienced professional.

Why You May Need the Service?

When a fire blazes through your home, it will burn any materials that it comes in contact with. However, not all materials burn the same, which is why the degree of damage will vary. It's the mildly damaged items that need special care and cleaning so that they have the best chance of being restored. Without this attention, the materials can continue to degrade over time until they must be thrown out.

Did you know that smoke can also damage the belongings that are inside of your home? Heavy smoke should always be cleaned from items that are absorbent so they do not release chemicals and toxins into your breathing air after your home has been restored. Restoration professionals have the tools required to do this job so you can keep your belongings without carrying the risk of smoke inhalation.

How Our 6 Step Fire Restoration Process Works

What Usually Needs to be Cleaned After a Fire?

  • Decor
  • Furnishings
  • Flooring (Carpet, tile, wood etc)
  • Photographs
  • Glass
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Plants
  • Rugs
  • Counters
  • Jewelry

Cleaning up after a house fire is complex and requires more effort and tools than most homeowners realize. The first areas that most people tackle are the walls and floors. However, it's important not to stop there. Furniture, decor, plants, and clothing in the home must also be cleaned if impacted by the fire or even excess smoke. Windows and doors should also be deep-cleaned to remove smoke and soot that can leave hazardous chemicals in the air. There is a process to remove the chemicals and remove the odor after a fire.

The process of cleaning can be time-consuming and meticulous. However, it's important if you want to remove dangerous chemicals and restore the health of your belongings to increase their overall longevity. While not everything can be saved, content cleaning can bring you joy knowing that some of your things won't be lost in this devastating situation.

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At Action 1 Restoration, we only work with certified experts when it comes to fire restoration. Content cleaning, in particular, is a service we're proud to offer because we know how important the belongings in your home are. We will connect you with an experienced restoration team that will take care of your things and help you determine what content can be saved. Having an experienced professional on your side can lessen your stress and ensure you don't get rid of anything that may be saved. If you need help with content cleaning after a fire, don't hesitate to give our team at Action 1 Restoration a call.


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