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Why Choose Action 1 Restoration Services!

The fire damage restoration process can be complex and require many tools that most everyday people don't have. Not to mention, the work can be tedious when you consider that all materials and surfaces need to be thoroughly cleaned. When you call Action 1, we will connect you with restoration experts who want to restore your home to its original condition.

  • Quick Response Time: Emergencies happen, which is why we respond to all calls and show up as quickly as possible to assess damage and create a solid restoration plan.
  • Minimize Damage: While we can't stop the fire that the damage caused, we can remove smoke and soot that would otherwise continue to cause deterioration.
  • Thoroughly Clean: Meticulous cleaning is one of the most important parts of fire damage restoration. Our technicians work methodically and with the proper cleaning solutions to remove smoke and soot from all surfaces.
  • Replace Damaged Materials: After replacing damaged materials, restoration technicians will replace them so your home can be made whole again.

Dealing with a fire is undoubtedly stressful and something that most people have never done. By calling our team at Action 1 Restoration, you can feel confident that your home is in good hands. Our experts use the best restoration methods in the industry so things are done right every step of the way.

How Our 6 Step Fire Restoration Process Works

Additional Details on Our Process

1. Call Us

Calling us as soon as it's safe to enter your home and begin working can get the ball rolling. We understand emergencies happen, which is why we have staff on-call to help you at all times. You can rely on us to listen and take your case with urgency.

2. Inspection, Assessment and Prep

After contacting Action 1 Restoration, we immediately talk to our team of experts so they can come to your home as quickly as possible. Once there, they will do a thorough inspection to determine the damage caused by the fire and the best method of cleaning and restoration. By doing an in-person inspection, they can better understand what your home needs and the procedures that will work best for it. From here, the home can be prepped so restoration work can begin as quickly as possible.

3. Board Up and Tarp (if needed)

Some areas of the home will likely be so damaged that the interior is exposed to the outside. To prevent additional damage, our technicians will board up and tarp your home when it's necessary. This can keep the interior safe while they work to restore it.

4. Remove Water and Dry Out (if needed)

If water was used to extinguish the fire, then water will certainly be left behind. It's important to have this removed immediately, otherwise water damage will occur. Fortunately, our technicians understand the process of cleaning up. One of their priorities is to completely dry out your home of all moisture.

5. Remove Smoke and Soot

Our technicians will thoroughly clean all surfaces in the home to remove smoke and soot. They use time-tested cleaning methods and powerful solutions to make sure the job is done right. With a content cleaning team working for you, this will be done more quickly than you'd be able to do on your own.

6. Cleaning and Restoration

Sweeping the floors, cleaning the walls, and scrubbing surfaces are all parts of our in-depth cleaning process. Once that is complete, the restoration process can begin. This will be done with attention to detail to ensure your home returns to the condition it was before the fire happened. Part of the restoration is odor control and odor removal from the fire and smoke smell.

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Fire damage remediation cannot be left for “later", they are serious dangers which need to be addressed by professionals with experience and need to be addressed immediately. That is why Action 1 Restoration can provide fire restoration services within minutes, day or night, we are just a phone call away.


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