What is the Difference Between Mold Removal and Remediation?


Mold removal, remediation, mitigation and abatement are different terms used by industry pros that all relates back to a process of removing the mold from your home or office. Only a small leak is able to lead to a major disaster when the leaks goes unnoticed or untreated. Water is known to seep into walls, floors and the cracks in foundations. Over time this water accumulation can turn into a mold infestation.

If it is a small area, you could take care of the mold issue using bleach or vinegar to kill the mold. It is always best to call a professional company to take of the mold growth issue as you do not know how bad the infestation is or if there are toxic mold spores affecting the air quality of your home.


What are the Signs of Mold?

Due to health risks that have been linked to mold exposure, it is always highly advisable for home owners to immediately contact the professionals for mold remediation services. There are several ways to determine if you have a mold growth issue and need a mold removal pro that has experience in dealing with the issue.

  • Visible mold growth on the walls
  • Dark spots behind the wall that are cold to the touch from water
  • Musty smell in the home like wet socks or rotten wood
  • Increase of allergens, sinus and sickness issues
  • Increase of family member nose bleeds
  • Frequent headaches that keep getting worse
  • Recent water damage

The mold removal process includes locating the moisture problem at the source. This affected area is then closed off and isolated to avoid the risk of contamination to other parts of the home. Mold spores are often released during the process of removal. HEPA filters and air scrubbers are utilized in order to purify the air from particles and mold spores. Our contractors will always use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to decrease exposure to the airborne contaminants.

How Our 6 Step Cleanup Process Works

How We Help With the Remediation Process

It is very important that repaired and cleaned items are kept thoroughly dry. Excessive moisture is usually the cause of a mold issue to begin with. The professional contractors of the Action 1 team will go over strategies for moisture management to make sure the home will not encounter any issues in the future.

Action 1 Restoration is a trusted, highly professional company that provides a quick response and 24 hour emergency services for both homes and businesses. The team of professionals will deal with every aspect to make sure any project is dealt with in the fastest time possible. High humidity and lingering moisture is associated to secondary damages and health hazards, the team responds very promptly to any emergency call. Mold removal should be performed by a licensed IICRC contractor for mold remediation and removal services.

Mold Inspection & Testing Services

Professionals from the Action 1 team specialize in addressing the health risks and damage related to mold. Material that has become moldy needs to be removed and these damaged areas will require reconstruction. Mold remediation is something that should always be dealt with by professionals that have experience in handling hazardous materials and to stop the spread of dangerous mold. Inspection services involve a professional contractor coming into a home in order to locate the source and to identify the moldy areas. Our local mold contractor will then provide you with an effective plan for mold mitigation.

A mold inspection is done before and after remediation of your home or business. Moisture is also checked to ensure that the home is within proper moister levels. Our team uses the best equipment to ensure that when we are hired for a mold remediation problem, that the job is done properly.

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These mold issues cannot be left for “later", they are serious dangers which need to be addressed by professionals with experience and need to be addressed immediately. That is why Action 1 Restoration can provide mold remediation services within minutes, day or night, we are just a phone call away.


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