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There are different shapes, colors, and sizes of molds at home. This unwanted fungus is one of the most common problems among households. But what type of mold is there in your house?

It’s important to identify molds in order to create the best plan to eliminate them for good. So whether you are looking at a white, black, orange, or green mold, take action today to remove this threat from your home.


Mold Classes and Hazards You Should Know

Untreated mold at home will only lead to more serious problems. So as early as now, do something to get rid of them.

Indoor fungi are categorized into three hazard classes according to their health risks. These classes can be compared to the risk groups in microorganisms managed inside laboratory environments.

  • Hazard Class A - This class includes molds and their metabolic by-products which are extremely hazardous to human health. These metabolites should immediately be removed from households to prevent serious health problems.
  • Hazard Class B - The class B molds are those fungi that can lead to allergies once inhaled or contacted by family members.
  • Hazard Class C - In this class are fungi that are not really dangerous to health. However, spread of these molds can result to economic damage. So they should also be eliminated once you see them in your building or home.

What to Do When You Spot Mold

If you suspect molds in your wall, bathroom, or anywhere in your house, immediately contact us. We will come over to your house to confirm if they are molds that can pose a serious threat your family’s health. We’ll be glad to help you eliminate any unwanted molds in your place.

By working with an experienced remediation company, you are guaranteed to get professional service and long-term results. Understand that you cannot simply clean up the molds by yourself. They require proper treatment to permanently get rid of them. So don’t even think about removing them on your own.

Mold removal involves setting up of containment barriers, using commercial-sized HEPA air filtering device, wearing appropriate protective gear, specialized cleaning agent, and HEPA vacuum. But, if you really want to do it yourself, be sure to consider the following before proceeding to do so:

  • Consult a reputable mold remediation company like Action 1 Restoration. We can provide you with free consultation to ensure you’re on the right track.
  • Make sure to use an N-95 mask respirator when going near the mold-infested area.

How Our 6 Step Cleanup Process Works

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These mold issues cannot be left for “later", they are serious dangers which need to be addressed by professionals with experience and need to be addressed immediately. That is why Action 1 Restoration can provide mold remediation services within minutes, day or night, we are just a phone call away.


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