Two Important Reasons to do a Mold Inspection

interiors of a neglected house in really bad condition filled with mold and devastation

Mold is found just about everywhere, but when it is found in your home it can be dangerous to the health of everyone in your home. Mold can occur in a house because of flooding. Flooding can be caused by a broken water pipe or hose, or it can be caused by torrential rain, such as a hurricane or tropical storm.

Flooding is not the only cause of mold. One of the most common places homeowners find mold is in the basement. The reason for this is because basements are usually dark and damp, the perfect environment for mold to grow in. If the mold finds plenty of cellulose to feed upon along with moisture, it will grow, and can grow so much that it invades other parts of your home. Therefore getting a mold inspection can be important to either finding mold, or giving you peace of mind.


Reason One – Health

Mold is known to be toxic in high levels. At low levels, mold causes a variety of health problems for most people. Common health problems include chronic coughing, throat irritation, headaches, and nausea. It is critical that people who have mold allergies not be exposed to mold for prolonged periods of time to prevent serious or severe health problems.


Reason Two – Damage to Your Home


Mold can spread through your home very fast. Unfortunately, most people don’t see the mold as it grows because it often grows behind walls where it isn’t visible. By the time the mold has spread through the inside of a wall to the outside, the damage it has caused can be too excessive to be repaired. Dry rot can cause damage to the integrity of your home’s frame.

Mold inspections are the easiest way to find out if there is mold in your home, and if there is, where the mold is located. After you have a mold inspection done the inspector will discuss the results with you. The best case scenario is that you don’t have mold, or the mold is minor. If, however, you find that you have a lot of mold in your house the inspector can be a great resource for learning about who you can turn to for getting rid of the mold, as well as repairing the damage caused by mold. If you ever suspect that you may have mold, contact a mold inspector right away so that you can deal with the problem before it gets worse. You can find some additional reasons by visiting this website.